Where to start?


I will start by introducing Aap. Aap means monkey in Dutch. I gave Aap to my boyfriend in 2013.

We both got really attached to Aap, he lived at my boyfriend's place but sometimes came over to my house for a few nights for a pajama party or just a relaxed night on the couch. Then, when boyfriend and I split up, he couldn't handle seeing Aap anymore, neither could he just put Aap in a plastic bed underneath his bed. So Aap came forever back to me. Every time I was traveling, my sister was babysitting him and he became buddies with her cuddle buddy, Schaap (Sheep in Dutch, it was a Sheep). But in 2017, when I went traveling with my van and I had many times with myself and a big empty space next to me, I start missing Aap more and more. Then my best friend came to visit me in Portugal and she was so kind to offer a space to Aap in her backpack. That's where our big travel adventure started together! Underneath you can see how we spend the days together »