Who is Anouk Anansi?

Hi there! I will happily introduce myself here... I'm actually quite a gypsy: have traveled from nation to culture since 2015. The adventure started on the 10th of March '15, a date I will never forget. I got a one-way ticket to Thailand...

I'm born and raised in The Netherlands, where I did the "usual". Had jobs. Studied. Went to the gym. Saw friends. Didn't really connect much with them though. Altogether, I don't look back at a hugely fulfilling life. So, I liked the idea of a change and booked a one-way flight to Thailand. After traveling for quite a few months and 'just passing' Australia it happened: I found myself. Since then, I started seeing the whole world as my home and back garden. 

Day by day, country by country, story by story, I became a different,

more happy, grateful and whole me.

I discovered many things about myself, like having the biggest crush on sunsets and freedom and how much I love to be quirky, adventurous and creative and that life as a nomad fits me perfectly.


From here, Soul Expression started to grow. From Travel Blogs to Photography. Bohemian Crafts with material found around the world, to Spiritual Blogs and Meditations. 

All my offerings come from my heart and soul. From tribal henna tattoos bohemian jewelry and dreamcatchers. From portrait and nature photography to documentary and event videography. From mindshift mentoring to spiritual guided meditations.


Here on my website, I hope you can find your authentic self through my work I welcome you to get in touch for a chat about my work and passions, or just about yours! 

All of this and much more you will find back on my website.

I hope you enjoy what you will find here!

And in case of questions or requests, please head to Contact.


Keep following


Keep smiling!


 ♥ Anouk ♥