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Southeast Asia

In 2015 I traveled for six through Southeast Asia. I started on the 10th of May, a day I will never forget. 

I stepped into the airplane with only an 11-kilo backpack and a one-way ticket. I never thought of what I would learn and see in the following years. Never expected to actually never really come back home and even: the meaning of 'home' change over the years.


In this period in Southeast Asia I visited here every country except for Kuala Lumpur. When you scroll down you'll see in the map where I was when.


I have seen their extraordinary people, their stunning beaches, the most beautiful sunsets, hundreds of temples, heaps of waterfalls and eat tons of rice. At least, it felt like it. . I saw many hilarious and crazy things you can really only see in Asia. I was backpacking and asked the questions "where are you from", "where are you going" and "where have been" tens of times and got them probably even more times back. All together it was an intense travel.


Afterwards,  I don't know if Asia was really my thing. I like to be considered as 'the same' as in "in the same level / equal" as others and in S-E Asia was treated differently because of my blue eyes, blond hair, white skin color and the money Western people bring. Sometimes I felt just like a bag of money or like a celebrity; locals liked to be in a picture with me. This kind of attention is not what I like and made me feel uncomfortable. But hey, that's just my personality!

Maybe you would absolutely love it, or hate it even more then I did and wouldn't stand it for a day ;)

I've met some people -no not in Asia itself- that left after one week. But of course, there is only one way to find out...

S-E Asia is big, many countries with even more cultures. It's interesting to dive deep into it, get to know their food, their habits and maybe even a piece of their language. 
Because that's what makes traveling most beautiful right?


Underneath you will only find blogs about three countries. In these, I've stayed for a longer period and really got into the country/culture. I know I can give you some good advice about it and I like to do it!


Short about some other countries I've been: 


- Cambodia: the people here are so friendly! From my arrival at the airport,  people were nice and smiling at the streets... They have a horrible recent history and I think it is good to know something about their history when you start your trip. You can do this to go to the Tuol Sleng museum in Phnom Penh and/or the killer field near to the capital. For the rest, Siem Reap is really great for shopping and partying and I've heard Sihanoukville is great but haven't been there myself. Click here to see the beautiful pictures I captured here.


- Laos: I am actually not that enthusiastic about this country. To me, locals are always the most important about a country. How they react on you, how friendly they are or tread you like a guest, a bag of money or as an enemy. To me, people from Laos treated me like their enemy. Maybe I've seen 10 locals smiling and they weren't really friendly if I wanted to buy or ask something. Don't know why. Laos is also not the cheapest country out of all of them. Nature here is absolutely stunning though! Click here to see the beautiful pictures I captured here.


Enjoy the madness my friends!

Crocks: you'll find them on many feet in whole Asia

Crocks: you'll find them on many feet in whole Asia

The flag of Lao with a fat guy holding balloons

The flag of Lao with a fat guy holding balloons

One of the beautiful temples of the Angkor Wat

One of the beautiful temples of the Angkor Wat

Where was I when?

Lovely lovely Indonesia! 

So much is amazing: surf, sun and good food. Let me introduce you to one of my fav countries

By this country I got blown away: 

the pure and beautiful landscape and people made me never forget about this country

A favorite country of many:

from mountains to beaches, 

from cheap delicious food to high class hotels: Vietnam's got it all!

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