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Have a sneak in what's going on backstage: 
How do I make my jewellery, how do I store it and where do I sell it?


I find it really cool you clicked so far to really get in to it and want to know how

the products are made and how I work on it!


To start with, most of my material I keep in my campervan. Here I have all little cigar boxes and every time I find or buy something, I am happy to able to put it in one of my boxes.
Here you can find feathers, stones, shells, thread in many different colors, charms and what not.


When I lived in this campervan I made my jewelry in here.


To make the yoga mat I obviously needed a sewing machine and

so I made these ones at my mom's place.


Check out the pictures to see what I'm up to ➳

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