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Welcome to my pricing page - I'm grateful you're considering booking a shoot with me. Please first read down below through the bonuses of the personal/business/event options. From there it will be easier to pick the right price package for you. Still in doubt between photography or video only or a combination of the two? Have a look at my photography portfolio & videography portfolio first!


What will happen at the beginning of each shoot:

It is important to me that you're perfectly happy with the result of the shoot. To make sure of this, we will take some time at the beginning of each shoot to through your wishes and intentions, where the content will be used for and what feelings you like to convey. We will take it from there and the shoot will start.


I offer a few different video, photography and combi packages. Head down below for more info, bookings and prices.  

True Spirit Video & Photography -

For Portrait & Personal Branding

I want to capture the best and most authentic you in your shoot. In the beginning, we will chat about your intentions and purpose for the shoot. I'll get to know you a little better and will make sure you'll feel comfortable, confident and your best beautiful self during our work together. From here on, we will shoot for the time set, making sure we have a good variety of photographs and/or videos.


Show Your Magic Video & Photography -

For Products & Business 

Like to give your business or product that extra boost? Capture the magic of your products and business through stunning new videos and photographs. During our first chat, I will know exactly what makes your product or business so unique and will let that stand out in the result. Use the footage for your website, advertisement or Instagram and get the extra customers you deserve.

​Spirit Of The Moment Video & Photography -

For Events, Markets & Parties

Are you planning an amazing event and realize, it is worth having these special moments captured by someone who honors authenticity and the individual? I believe you're at the right address with me. At the beginning of the event, I'll make sure to know what makes your event so special and who not to miss out on the videos and photography. 

I'm looking forward to working with you and hearing your amazing ideas!
Soul Expression

More to know

*No travel expenses charged when the shoot is within a 10-kilometer range of Muizenberg. Over this amount of kilometers, I'll change 5 Rand per kilometer for travel time and petrol.

*All my work will be sent to you through a WeTransfer email, within 2 weeks. Quicker service is available.

*All photos and videos may be freely used for personal / business advertisement on channels such as social media, advertisement and websites, just not for commercial purposes such as billboards and tv. Contact about questions and options
*Photography options: t
he prices include naturally edited photographs, also another preferred added filter on your photographs.



Video & Photo Combi


“I had a photo session with Anouk and it was such a beautiful experience. We spent time finding beautiful locations and Anouk really held the space and allowed me to feel beautiful and present during the whole experience. I love how the images came out and now use them for my website and social media. Highly recommended if you are wanting to capture a beautiful moment with yourself and express your soul in this way. Anouk has a way of finding beauty and capturing it in a very natural flowing way so it felt very comfortable and easy. So grateful to have had such a wonderful photo session and can’t wait to have another one again with Anouk soon!”