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English Chakra Meditations

Chakras: you've most likely have heard of them? Take your knowledge to the next level with my chakra meditations. In each meditation, you gain overall knowledge about chakras, plus information about that specific chakra point. After this, through a journey of visualization, I will take you on a journey to positively change your energy around a theme within this specific chakra point. This will hopefully support you in finding the right Chakra Meditation:

7th Crown Chakra:

Wisdom, changes and creates unity.

Think less, feel more

6th Third Eye Chakra:

Contact with intuition, consciousness and clairvoyance

Frown less, laugh more

5th Kiel Chakra:

Way of expressing yourself, daring to speak the truth, standing up for yourself.

Talk less, listen more

4th Heart Chakra:

Love, kindness to yourself and others, trust, balance.

Less assignment, more

3rd Solar Plexus Chakra:

Joy, energy and self-esteem

Wait less, do more meer

2nd Sacral Chakra:

Expressing emotions, having relationships, sexuality and creativity.

Complain less, appreciate more

1st Root Chakra:

Grounding stability and security. Contact with yourself and the earth.

Less fear, more love.


Hopefully this will help you. Do you have any questions or do you like some support? Don't hesitate to ask, I'm always happy to help!

Love, Anouk Anansi


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