Cheap in the air

Also wonder what adventure the airplane is ahead?

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Not that I’m proud of my hours in the air as it is extremely bad for the environment, but sometimes I gotta get a flight and then... I rather pay less than more. I think the best one I ever caught was the connection between Amsterdam to Dublin: only €15! Oh wait, I almost forget the one of €12 from the Netherlands to Portugal. How I do it? Let me explain this one to you.















First of all, this kind of only works when you are not super stuck to a specific departure and arrival date and preferably not to a destination either. In other words: you have to be flexible/adventurous/creative. You’ll see what I mean.


Stay near

Head to the website I hear you thinking “yeah helluw, I got this one”. Just continue reading if you're in for the hidden treasure behind this one ;) The first step is choosing the one-way option. It's nicer to plan your return flight at your destination anyway, but for now it’s also more easy to check the prices for single flights. Then head to “Departure date”. As I said before, you shouldn’t be super stuck to specific dates. It’s okay to be 'stuck to a specific month' though. So pick a month you want to visit your grandmother, head the sun, mountains or find the love of your life. In the option box “From” you preferably fill in the country you want to fly from. Sometimes it’s cheaper to head to an airport a little further to find your cheapest flight. This usually works only when you want to fly to a far destination. In the option box “To” you fill in the destination or again, the country. When this is all set, choose your departure and place of arrival and viola, some beautiful prices to choose from!
















Go far 

For a destination further away I can advise you something slightly different. For instance, The Netherlands (A) to Perth (C). There is no one-way flight and if there would be, you probably wouldn’t want to pay the fee. Fill in the city/country you want to fly from to the city/country you want to head to. In our example this would be Amsterdam to Perth.  Skyscanner will show you that many of these routes will have their transfer in Bangkok or Singapore (B). Your next step would be to break the whole original flight in 2 separate ones. You just check how much the flights are from Amsterdam to Bangkok/Singapore and from Bangkok/Singapore to Perth. It can save up to hundreds of euro's when you buy creatively combine two separate flights yourself (A to B + B to C). This could mean it's much cheaper to have a big time gap between your flights, maybe even to stay overnight. Like this, I once stayed for a night in Bangkok, bought heaps of nice souvenirs and still ended up saving big money! Don’t forget: you may always send me some of these souvenirs ;)

Go everywhere

Are you super easygoing, traveling on a shoestring or just want to explore something outside of your home-country border and don’t really care what crazy culture you will end up in? Fill in on Skyscanner at the option box “To” Everywhere and follow the steps from above. You can end up at a unique place for the lowest price! Isn’t that what makes traveling so much fun?


Last trick, head to another device and internet connection to actually book the tickets. Your computer/phone will remember your search and in some cases, ticket prices will rise. It could also work to get rid of all your cookies.


And now: spread your wings and fly away!

Big wink,

The Flying Fox

NOTE: As mentioned before, flights increase your carbon footprint big time. We only have one planet, which we should consciously cherish. Please consider booking tickets only when your trip is really worth it. Preferably, book flights for longer stays and when there is no greener alternative. Also be aware that about 25 percent of airplane emissions come from landing and taking off, so try to avoid short trips. 

Me heading to Perth: happy!