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Bohemian Crafts

​Over years of traveling, I've come across so many beautiful things to work with: amazing fabric from Lisbon, thousands of crystals in the "scratch patch" in Cape Town, feathers from a poor owl found on the side of the road or broken mirror pieces to be turned into art. Most of my material is consciously resourced and either upcycled or found in nature.

Traveling and adventuring inspired me to make my bohemian artistry and crafts. From D.I.Y Dreamcatchers to Leather Sandals, Crystal Jewelry to Magic Mirrors. Not everything might be in stock as it is a little scattered over the world, but down below you can see what is available right now!

Find your favorite present in the shop for yourself or your loved ones ♥♥♥

Every piece is handmade and therefore 100% unique and gathered from different parts of the world, so totally gypsy proof! Also, everything in the shop can be custom-made. If you like it to be made just as you like it, please get in touch through Contact.

Happy wandering ☼

You can not make an online payment. Please make a screenshot of your order and email it to and we take it from there.

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