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Capetonian Characters

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Living in Cape Town, I sometimes feel like life is a movie here all the time. With its big ups, like the gorgeous mountains, the beautiful sea and friendly people, and deep downs, such as poverty, criminality, discrimination and corruption.


Throughout my work as a Social Worker here in Cape Town, I keep meeting very unique characters throughout the city. What intrigued me about their stories is that, even though their circumstances are very tough and unthinkable for people from a first-world country like myself, they do everything to keep their heads up.

In June 2019, their stories inspired me to start my first own, fully filmed, edited and funded short documentary series, called Capetonian Characters. Scroll below to find the difficult, though empowering stories of these special characters.

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With love

Anouk Anansi

The Gardens Of Wetton Bridge is about Maria who lives with her partner in a tent under a bridge in the suburb Wetton, Cape Town. Despite the rough circumstances she lives in, she brings safety and light to the difficult environment of this part of the city.

The Gardens Of Wetton Bridge

Arise in Retreat is about Glenda who lives in a home build bungalow in the back garden of her mom in Retreat, a suburb of Cape Town. Growing up between gangs, she starts seeing life from a new perspective when she meets Melvin and starts working as a carparker. She now learns there is more to life.

Arise in Retreat

In The Media

A Dutch news reporter visited me to interview me about my new short documentary series Capetonian Characters, 100% self-created and filmed in Cape Town.

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