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Earth Sole

Exchange & Refunds

Someone asked me the other day what my mission is with Earth Sole. After a little thinking I said: to make people healthier and happy with their shoes. And that ain't just marketing! I put a lot of love and energy into the creation of the shoes, the people that create the shoes, gathering leather rejects to reduce environmental waste and make another purpose of our own offcuts. So, customer care is an important part of our brand and the policy below is to keep both you and us from Earth Sole happy.

First of all, keep your invoice safe! This way it is easier to see when and where you purchased your pair, plus which size and version you went for.

• We offer an 80% refund within 5 days after your purchase when there are no user marks on the shoes. If you just want to try out your new pair, it's best to wear them indoors and so will stay clean and the sole unscratched.

• We expect your Earth Soles to last for many years, but as a starting brand, issues can occur. If within the first 12 months of your purchase the shoe doesn’t meet your expectations, get in touch: we love to learn and improve our shoes! Our first offer is to exchange your pair for another one in your size. If with the second pair, the same or new issues occur which make the shoes uncomfortable to wear, we refund your purchase, minus the time you've been having your shoes till you get in touch with us with your issues. Your cost price will be divided by 12 (months per year), times the number of months you’ve been wearing them. This will be deducted from the amount you've paid and the rest will be refunded.


For instance, it is now the 15th of May and you bought your pair half January for €120. We will divide €120 by 12 (months) which is €10, and do this times 4 (number of months you've been having your shoes) which is €40. This will be deducted from the amount you bought them for which was €120, and so your total refund will be €80.

I hope this feels reasonable for you too. If you like to inquire amount an exchange, refund or any issues with your Earth Sole, please get in touch.

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