Earth Sole
Pricing & Sizing

The Earth Sole Footwear are meant to fit like a second skin. Due to the softness of leather it feels like a dream - once it's a perfect fit. So let's get that right first! Which option you go for go will mainly depend on how easy going your foot shape is, and your budget: read about the options down below. The processing time of the sandals is 2 - 3 weeks.

*** Being a starting brand, I don't have stock yet for option 1 and don't have my measurements quite right for option 2, but hope to be in about one months time. Therefore only option 3, the Full Custom Design is available - at least you know it will be a perfect fit and in colors the way you love them to be! ***

1) Easy Pick - €65 / R1100 - Get €10 / R150 off when sharing your sandal experiences online! * (THIS OPTION NOT AVAILABLE YET)

If you have ordinary / Egyptian-shaped feet (round shape around the toes and not very broad or skinny feet or a high bridge) and your size is a 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 UK for female, or a 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11 UK for male, this could the right option for you. You will also usually know if you have indeed more difficulty finding the right fit shoe for your foot. If you like to go for this option, get in touch and check in which colors I have in stock in your size. To know the right size, please check the image down below. Leather does stretch, though the shoe won't be stretched in length, so make sure to choose the right size!

2) Design Your Own - €72,50 / R1250 - Get €10 / R150 off when sharing your sandal experiences online! * (THIS OPTION NOT AVAILABLE YET)
If you have ordinary-shaped (as explained in option 1) and you like to design your own sandal - picking a nice shade or leather, decide over your own color of wax and rivet for the loop, the options of making your sandal up to your liking are endless (click here to see the options). Send me a message and I'll send you the colors of my leather offcuts that I have in stock at that moment. 

3) Custom Size and Design - €85,00 / R1450 - Get €10 / R150 off when sharing your sandal experiences online! *

If you like to make sure your sandal will fit your feet like a second skin, you know your feet are a little odd shaped or your shoe size is not in those available, then this would be your to go option. On those orders, you will always be able to pick your own color or leather, wax and rivet.

✹ There is a 10% extra charge on all sizes above UK 11 and a 10% discount on all sizes below UK4

Shipping fees (pickup in Muizenberg - Cape Town are without any extra costs)

South Africa

It will be R99 PostNet to PostNet or R185 to a home address for up to 2 pairs of sandals.

Deliveries take up to 1 -2 business days.



€15 per pair.

Please note: The South African mail service is rather poor. It is very expensive [prices start at €55] to have a small envelope sent by a private courier. The local courier service takes much longer and is less reliable, though is much more affordable, and this is my Standard Service [get in touch for faster deliveries]. If it takes longer than 3 months for you to receive your order, I will refund your money 80%. I trust the integrity of my customers.

For any questions, inquiries and orders, please get in touch with me, I'm happy to help!

-X- Anouk Anansi

Are the price for the sandals over your budget but you really love a pair? Send me a message and we can see if we can make a plan for another exchange ♥

* Share your sandal experience with a photograph within the first month of your purchase on our Facebook and Google Page.

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