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Earth Sole - Handmade grounding footwear
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custom fit

From €105

Congratulations: you're special! Now your feet won't comfortably fit any of our regular sizes, we will make you one perfect to your feet. You can choose your very own design, so your footwear will be just as special as you are!

First of all we will need your measurements. Follow the steps down below to be sure you will send us the right one. Based on the template / your art drawing we will make you a pattern and shoe.

After we have received your measurements, we will send you all the leather colors we have available right now. We work with leather offcuts, so no color will ever always be available. Down below you can already have a sneak preview to all the other options you can choose from when choosing Custom Fit option.

Earth Sole - Handmade grounding footwear


How to measure your feet

Let's get your shoe the perfect fit for your dear feet. Download the template below for some measurements guidance or watch the video. Send a clear picture to us and we will send you a thumbs up if it's all done correctly, followed by all the options available to design your very own shoe.

*Enquire about our

leather colors available

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