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Fullife Program

So many people with all different lives, but many with the same obstacles: finding it difficult to find and be themselves. I started to see this continuously in my work as a Mentor, Social Worker and Community Worker at NGOs. Therefore, I have decided to slowly and gradually work towards a program called Fullife, where everyone who is looking for their true identity, can start to explore themselves.

At this very moment, I'm not any close to finishing this up, and so for time being, I will still invite you to get in touch or find some information here, if you look for some support to find or reach your dreams. Find out if you think I can be the right person for you, in a 15 minutes consultation, without any costs :)

Whilst considering this all, find down below some tips and tricks to already come that bit closer to yourself (SORRY these are only available in Dutch!)

Enjoy the journey of discovery - it's beautiful.

♥ Don't dream your life, live your dreams ♥

X Anouk Anansi


We have been in touch for mentoring for a few months. Anouk helped me to have more purpose in life and more overview and peace.
She is very calm and has lots of good ideas.
I feel so much better now!
Thanks a lot Anouk 🙏


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