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Not sure?

Pity this isn't such a straightforward answer for you! We find it important to have also your shoe fit like a second skin, so let's go ahead and see if we can make it any easier for you when you walk the steps down below.

We have 3 options you can choose from, which all depend on the shape of your feet, your budget and your preference for design & color. Follow the steps below or watch the video to see which of those options is best for you.


Our standard sizes are designed for average-shaped feet: those that aren't very wide or narrow and have a toe box with a round shape (like the footsteps below). To understand our options better, watch the video or follow the steps below.

Which option is best REQ Website (1).png

pick your option!

Full Custom Design

Measure Your Feet



How to measure your feet

Still a tiny bit insecure if the readymade designs will fit your sweet feet, or just like to know which size you actually need? Well, let's do some measurements! Down below you'll find a video that will guide you towards measuring your feet, or templates (click here to download) that will help you. You can compare your measurements with ours and see if you can go for any of our standard sizes. If so, you can go for our "Readymade Design" or "Design Your Own" option. Do you find out that your feet might be a little too broad or too skinny for our standard fitting? Then you can head to "Full Custom Design" so we can make a shoe for your special feet too!


Now you got your measurements done, let's see if your feet will indeed fit our standard sizes, which will come in size UK 4 - 8 for female, and size UK 7 - 11 for male.

under constuction!

Only just having finished all the standard fittings, we're slowly discovering which lengths and heights of feet can actually fit each size. So to help you out here, send us your measurements and we will do the comparison for you.

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