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Henna tattoos

Since the Australian summer of 2016, I've been making and creating henna tattoos.

It was actually an unexpected progress. I went to a market in Dunsborough, 

Western Australia, to sell some  of my bohemian jewellery necklaces, made with crystals or beautiful

stones I found in the area. This was my first selling-on-the-market ever.

I didn't sell a single piece.

So, the week after I went over to plan B: what if I try to create henna tattoos? I had a cone in my backpack I bought before in Perth and there I went. As I didn't have any experience and really not that good in drawing, I asked a donation for my tattoos instead of a fixed price. It turned out plan B was a good one. There was a huge line (only kids but still) and I practised a lot that evening. 

And the tattooing continued...


From the start, I really loved the tattooing. It is such a nice way to meet new people while living a nomadic life and to be creative at the same time.

I start to make a little book with designs I found on Pinterest and people could easily pick something they fancied. I brought the book to every market and event I've been making henna tattoos, ever since.

Click here or scroll down below what's going on whilst creating the tattoos!


Like me to make your henna tattoo or want to book me as a henna artist for a party or event?

Get in touch and head to Contact.

In process...

Whilst creation
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