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                   Beaches with white sand, delicious food, super friendly people and surf for every level. Why not go to Indonesia?
























Where to start? I arrived here in June '15 and got a visa for a month. No, this wasn't enough for Noukie...

I needed a second month! And I didn't leave until the very last day of my visa. Yes, I can say I really much loved it. From nightlife to meditation, from delicious food to the best surf... 



Before I get into detail, first something in general. I arrived in Bali, in Kuta. Why nobody warned me about this place, I don't know, let me do it for you: DON'T GO THERE! It's horrible. Fake, super touristic, way more expensive than it's worth, friendly locals who become very unfriendly when you say "no thanks I don't want your sunglasses / dress / massage etc". Everywhere you walk you get offered coke and taxi's horn at you all the time. There are heaps of Aussies and then especially the ones who want to scream loud and spend all their money on beer and baking in the sun. Enough about Kuta Bali. Just don't go there, there is another Kuta waiting for you: Kuta Lombok! Only one island besides you. Scroll down and read all about it.



After my one night in Kuta (Bali) I took a taxi to Canggu. Not to be fancy, there is just no other way to transport yourself to this town. Canggu is very trendy, popular and cool. Yes: too cool for me. Or maybe I'm just not cool enough ;) Anyway, it's a comfortable place to stay for a while, make Western friends and to surf. Old Man's is the most famous bar and has the biggest party on the Monday night, in that main street you'll also find a lot of trendy restaurants with healthy food. For me, who just started traveling, it was a little too developed, to Western. Not enough that is different from what I am used to and I could explore.


After Canggu, I went to Ubud. Loved it! All about Ubud down under...

From Ubud I took a boat/but/taxi to Lombok. This island is way less developed although it is getting more touristic fast. I went directly to Kuta Lombok where I felt in love with the town. I'll tell you why in the other blog underneath. 



From there on, I moved myself back to Bali (did I like taking these boats that make you seasick that much?) for a Vipassana - meditation retreat. That is a special thing. I could really recommend you doing it... It's a little too much to get into it here, but it's a good experience and I liked the temple in Bali a lot. Mine was called Brahma Vihara Arama and you have to book on forehand. Have a look!

From then on, back to some other islands: the Gili's! You have three of them and all very different. Gili Trawangan (also Gili T) is really much of a party island. Not so much when there is the Ramadam, which is of course when I was there ;) Gili Meno is also beautiful but more known for the Honeymoon lovers. And there is my favorite: Gili Air. In the last article beneath you'll read about my do's and don'ts. Wait, I don't remember any don'ts....



Have fun!!

Beautiful beach near Kuta Lombok

Beautiful beach near Kuta Lombok


The popular town full of yoga, delicious food and culture

Kuta Lombok

You'll have a hard time finding a place like this: the perfect combination between the surf, food and party

Gili Islands

Three very unique islands with every it's own charm.
I dive deep into... Gili Air

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