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Exclusive Invitation to become a
Soul Writers Pioneer

This is an invitation for those who wish to share their knowledge and online offerings through written content, together with and a collective of like-minded Soul Writers. Through your monthly journal (blog) on the rising platform Soul Writers Journal (SWJ) and a small weekly investment on Social Media, I wish to get your work out there, to grow our reach of potential customers worldwide who are interested in spirituality, energy work and healing, consciousness, self-love & self-care, Ayurveda and so much more.


Introduction of Soul Writers Journal.

Connect to self and the world around you, through the words of our Soul Writers. This is a collective of conscious writers, who passionately share about healing, energy work, spirituality, happiness and so much more. Join our Spiritual Journey!

Let Google know what you’re up to! (SEO)

It is not only good getting your work out there and to have monthly readers finding out about your amazing work, but by writing for SWJ and getting the chance to (back)link all your work to your offering, website, Instagram and Facebook, Google will also better recognize what you are doing and you will be better findable in the search engines. This is what they call SEO: 


“Building links is one of the many tactics used in search engine optimization (SEO) because links are a signal to Google that your site is a quality resource worthy of citation. Therefore, sites with more backlinks tend to earn higher rankings” , thus WordStream

What does it mean, to be a Soul Writer?

1. Write a monthly Journal

Let each Journal (between 500 and 1500 words) be a reflection of the work you do and what you wish to share with the world. I believe your Journal can be a great way to get your beautiful work, offering, event and course out there and reach more customers. Though, the focus of your Journal should be to inspire readers, not to persuade them to work with you. Let them find your Journal so great that they want to work with you, buy your products or join your events! You can do this by mentioning specifically what you do down below at the Journal and linking it to your offering. A yes & no example:


X Hi there dear readers! In this journal I share about my two-month course, starting the 15th of August. This course is about connecting with your femininity. When you do this, you learn about … 

 ♥ Hi there dear readers! Today I will guide you into the beauty of connecting to your femininity. There are great advantages, which I will share in this Journal.

Then down below your journal, share about you and your work. Such as: “Would you like to know more about ..., find details and prices on www. …”


Another chance to link the Journal to your work (good for SEO!), is to start your blogs by introducing yourself and linking to your website, for example: “Hi there! My name is Desire and I’m a meditation teacher (URL link to your meditations), throughout this work, I found that ….”


Add Links, Quotes and Tags

Example of a blogpost: Meditation For Dummies


Please check out through this Journal before you continue reading, as what is described down below will be easier to understand!


Urls / Links

Feel free to you use as many links as you like, to link to your work or the source of the knowledge you’re sharing. Put the URL just after the word that should be linked, as in the examples above. I will make sure they easily guide to your URLs.



I invite you to have a minimum of two inspiring sentences, spread out over your Journal, you would love to have quoted and be made much bigger so it really pops out! Check the blog I shared for an example of how this will look like.



At the end of each Journal, add a few important words that really describe you’re the core of your Journal.


Can I also copy my journal to post on other pages?

Please don’t share this exact journal for SWJ anywhere else. This is not good for SEO. You’re totally free to write about this same subject anywhere else, you’ll have to rewrite it.

2. Social Media / Instagram

I wish to create a Soul Writers Community, in which together we attract our readers. Not only for our own journals, but also for our Soul Writers Colleagues. Each writer will have its own Social Media Day (SMD) on our Soul Writers Journal Instagram Page. This is the one day per week on which you will share your beautiful content and connect with old and new readers and followers. Please try to be active on your Social Media Day for about 30 - 60 minutes with - 60 minutes with inviting followers, engagement and a weekly Insta post. I think this will help you with that! :

Inviting followers

On each posting day, I also wish you to be active for about 30 - 60 minutes on our It would be great if you could weekly invite at least 10 people, with your personal account, to our Soul Writers Journal Instagram Page with a personal message. People/friends who you have been in touch with before and really think would be interested in our sharings! If we all do this, we get a beautiful follow that will be truly interested in our work. 


Besides building our followers and readers, like and comment on other accounts to make a connection with potential readers and customers. I recommend you to first be active & engage on Instagram before you share your post for the day, as it will increase the number of people seeing your post! If you feel happy doing so, also like and comment to other Soul Writers their posts with your personal account.


Weekly post 

On your SWD, make a post about your Journal (could even just copy paste a few sentences straight from your Journal), your upcoming event or beautiful product. A video/reel is also very welcome as Insta seems to want push reels more than photos these days! Direct advertising / mentioning your work & offer is allowed in your Insta posts (tag yourself!), just try again to also make your Insta Post fun/informative/interesting besides your ‘add’. Not only “23 September – 25 October a weekly meditation about connecting with our loving self” but “Would you like to be gently guided towards finding your peaceful and loving self? Join me from the ….”


Whatever you’re in your post sharing, still let it be within the theme of SWJ: about spirituality, healing, health, connecting with self and the world around us, the full or new moon coming up this week... Besides your beautiful post, also see if you can guide people through your Insta post to our Soul Writers Journal Website, such as “Like to read more inspiring spiritual news? Head over to our Soul Writers Journal Website”

It's also always great to finish your post with a question, like "what is your experience with Ayurvedic Food?" "Have you ever felt deeply connected to your Heart Chakra"? Or whatever you share about in your post! Make it interactive :D


To make it easy peasy, I created templates for your Instagram posts, so you only have to add your words and name, and you’re ready to go! You can find the templates for your post on Canva. More about this down below. Also, If you’re not shy to, upload for one of your first Insta Posts for SWJ, a little introduction Reel of yourself!


Other thingies

♥ Feel free to share your SWJ post at your own Instagram Page! #timesaver & easily more exposure!

♥ You’re also very welcome creating Instagram Stories and getting us out there through Facebook! Passwords will follow.

 ♥ Please don’t forget to auto-post on our Facebook Page when you post your Insta Post!


Tips on how to have the best visibility on your Instagram posts

Hashtags: you can best don't add more than 20 hashtags per post. Every hashtag gives you the chance to find new readers. Within these hashtags, use maximum o3 hashtags that have more than 1 million posts as your post will disappear super quickly between all the new posts. Also, don't have more than 3 hashtags with less than 20.000 posts. The chance that anyone sees it will be small as it is a small hashtag with few posts & viewers, though, it will be possible for longer for people that will check out this hashtag at a later stage. For the rest, use hashtags that have between 20k and 1 million messages. This way, your post will be visible the best and the longest! I will send you my favorite hashtags that might go with your wor, but also add your own that really fit with your post of that day. 


Time of the day: you can see through the Insights of our SWJ what people are most active. I always find it difficult to say what is the right time... You can see more info when you go to our Insta Page and check the insights. Either way, probably don’t post between 9 pm and 5 am as I think most people will be off social media! Again, when you don’t want to worry about posting on the right time, or even on your posting day, use Planoly to auto-post. You could easily do this right through the whole month! Just don’t forget about your weekly 30 minutes activity on our Insta Page ;)



On Canva, I made a few pretty (I hope?) templates for you. Add your writings, your name, the name of the Journal and a pretty pic that either shows your product or goes along with your work. Pretty right free photos you can find at and Please mention the photographer in your post, maybe even tag him/her if possible! 


I will send the Canva templates for you to edit to your email address, here are some examples (desktop), on your phone, scroll down below for examples.


You can either post directly, or set it up for auto-post. You can use Facebook Business, Later, Planoly or which one you like working with. I like working with Planoly, if you do to, please let me know and you can use the same login and the hashtags I use there. Otherwise I'll send you the hashtags I use here and there per email!

Ownership of the Journals

As long as you’re an active writer for SWJ, all your journals will stay online (unless you have a good reason to like them to be deleted). When you wish to no longer be a Soul Writer, your journals will stay visible for a minimum of 6 months after the publication of the journal. After this, Soul Expression has the right to remove your journal. This is to prevent having too many different writers for SWJ and not have too many posts from previous writers online. I may choose to keep them online for as long Soul Writers Journal is active, so please still don’t copy the article for any other place. Your articles are part of SWJ and you will agree with this term when you will to become one of our Soul Writers. SWJ does have the right to share your content, though only by specifically mentioning the writer of the Journal 


Last but not least:

This should be seen as collaboration and in balance for both you and me. If you feel at any stage you put too much in it or don’t get enough out of it, please have a chat with me! No place and no need for unhappy people and collabs ;) It might sound a lot, but I think it comes down to 1 article/journal per month, and 30 minutes of Instagram per week. As a writers collective with the same interest and focus, I believe can create great exposure and attract our readers and customers.


This invitation is exclusive as I wish to start this platform with friends who I personally know and feel inspired by the positive and inspiring work they do. I hope you are excited about becoming a pioneer of SWJ and feel inspired to share your knowledge and offerings feel your investment is in balance with what you will receive back.


Let me know if you wish to go ahead from here. I will invite you to write a Short About Story, a Longer About Story which will be your first Soul Writers Journal Post! I will then also send you all the logins for Insta, FB and send you an invite to work on the Canva Templates.


If you have any questions, feedback or rather nots, please also give a shout <3 Looking back to hearing from you!


With love and lightness

Anouk _ Soul Expression & Soul Writers Journal _


♡ One Journal per month (500-1500 words) for the Soul Writers Journal website. In this journal, you can inspire people with your knowledge, to work with you or join your events - the Journals should also be informative besides that.


♡ Being active on Instagram Page on your dedicated Social Media Day between 30 - 60 minutes, to share an inspiring post and to attract and engage with old followers/readers and attract new.

♡ Your full yes and enthusiasm!

Anouk Anansi, photographed by Ineke Van Loven


♡ A platform where more and more readers (also through your help!) will read about you and the work you do


♡ Backlink towards your website, events and Instagram which is good for your SEO.


♡ More followers to your own Instagram Page through the SWJ Instagram Page and your Journals on the SWJ Website.


♡ Tips and tricks on how to get your own work out there, with my tips about Instagram, Canva, and what more!


♡ A collective with likeminded, handpicked inspiring writers which you could possibly collaborate in the future


♡ And I believe we can, in collab with Miss Universe (or mister, no judgement) together create so much more! More inspiration for ourselves, growth, wisdom about what we all together have to share. It all starts with a seed! 

Ann Nekr Pexels Photograph

Long Term Vision

♥ Having over ten thousands of monthly readers through direct Google search and our Social Media Pages

♥ When we reach over a 1000 monthly readers (we are now on 300 visitors of the Soul Expression Website) it will get its own URL :

♥ Having 10 – 20 Soul Writers who will all spread their knowledge and offerings through their Journal and attract more potential customers plus viewers for the work of our Soul Writers Collective

♥ In time, when we will have an ongoing support of readers, I will more openly invite like-minded Spiritual Workers to write for Soul Writers Journal for an for now still unknown rate, as they can use our SWJ as an advertising platform to get their work and offers out. The 4 – 5 pioneers like yourself and I have invited in the start of SWJ, will never having to pay any rate for writing for SWJ or keeping their Journals online.

♥ Open for all that what Universe has ready for us

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