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First of all, thank you SO much for walking the journey with us. To be honest, without the enthusiasm from our customers from the very start, we would have given up the sizing and experiments with different leathers long time back.

Scroll down for some background information about our Earth Soles.

The birth


I would prefer to not wear shoes at all. People have asked me in the past: "Do you even have shoes?" One of the reasons I like to be barefoot is so that I can feel the ground. The other reason is that it’s vital for our well-being to release old energies into the earth while revitalizing with her healing energy. Kiss the Ground is a super interesting documentary about this. You should definitely check it out! Though, there are situations and places where it’s better to wear shoes, for example on the hot pavements in the city and in my case also when I was working with street people: I felt it was more respectful wearing shoes while working with them. Not wanting to wear my usual shoes with rubber soles that stop our energetic connection to the ground, I decided to create my own shoes with leather soles to ground better and let the energy flow between my feet and the earth. As I am trying to limit the use of animal products where I can, I was very happy to find out that I could get the leather I need from off-cuts in a shop in Cape Town. Win-win!​ I never intended to make the sandals for anyone else but people kept asking me when seeing mine “Where did you get these shoes?” People like the design, the idea of connecting with the ground underneath and the feeling of the second skin around the feet... This is when Earth Sole was born. In gratitude Anouk Anansi


Do you like to know which shoe size to go for? Click below and find out!


Comfortable - the leather is soft and take the shape of your feet


 They will keep you grounded through their leather soles


 The shoes are light and pliable, so easy to take along on any adventure


 Made from leather offcuts to minimize the environmental impact


High quality and durable -

leather is incredibly strong!


Handmade, so... every pair is unique



A total of R45 per sold pair will be spread over the following 3 amazing Capetonian NGOs:

To the people: U-Turn. They offer street people skill development and job readiness.


To the animals:  Luna Cat Rescue. They focus on rehabilitating and re-homing cats and kittens from underprivileged areas.


To nature: Greenpop. They focus on forest restoration projects, environmental awareness and activate people to become environmental stewards across Sub-Saharan Africa.



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