Volunteering with refugees in

Lesvos, Greece

After talking, dreaming and thinking about it for a long time, it was my time to get my ass to a place to volunteer.

For a while I wasn't sure at all where to go. So many countries in need of people to help with all sorts of problems.

But as I really wanted to work with refugees from the Syrian War (in my first post you can read why) and many of them flee to the island Lesvos, Greece, I decided to make my way over there. I arrived at Lesvos the 7th of May '18 with a one way ticket, let the experience and my bank account decide how long to stay.

So, nothing really planned, except for: the Flying Fox is going to save the world!


Well , I tried ⇢

A vessel in the aegean sea, Lesvos
P7221132 (2).JPG

Get an introduction of the situation and read about my impressions about my first week in Lesvos

P6100776 (3).JPG

I survived the first month,

and how... Even though I didn't expect a fairytale, this was not what I thought it would be!


It has been a tough three months, with a lot of time to see, to learn and to act. Now it's time to look back.