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May to August 2018.


I went to Lesvos to help "refugees" as much as I could.

These people got forced to run away because their home country wasn't safe for them anymore. Because of war, political reasons like their sexual preference, genocide and/or poverty. They all crossed the Aegean Sea by night on a boat 3 - 4 times the capacity that the boat should have carried.

Most people never saw a sea before.

I made pictures from the circumstances and to make people like you aware. Together we can stand up.

And remember, even the little things help.

Also read about my experience while volunteering in Lesvos.

Moria is the biggest refugee camp on Lesvos with 7.000 to 10.000 refugees living in very bad conditions. People try to make the best with the less they have

This is a place where hundreds of lifejackets got dumped. They have been used by refugees that took the dangerous crossing from Turkey to Greece over the Aegean Sea

Attika is an amazing place where donations from all over Europe go.

Here donations get sorted and after distributed to the people from refugee camp Moria and Kara Tepe

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