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4x4 Round trip through Namibia

December 2019

I was 'warned'. It is a big country, don't underestimate! I made a little plan for our 2,5-week roundtrip through Namibia. I wanted to see pretty much everything. From north to south. Only the far east we skipped! Coming from the small Holland, I'm not used to far distances and I have to see, I had to get used to the long drives. But there is around to see while cruizing around.

In the second week of December, my sister, dad and I jumped in the car and after a "small delay" of 2 hours, because they " just had to fix something on the car" and an upgrade of the car further, we were off to Namibia. From Cape Town, we drove all the way to Springbok. This was just the start, 700 kilometers further. The day after, we set first foot on land in Namibia. As a travel writer, I used to write out my whooooole trip in my blogs. This, while I don't read any other travel of others and I always make a map from the country / city / area I travel in. So I decided to make it easier for me and more fun for you: I'll post my map together with my favorite places and the highlights of the country (but don't forget to read between the lines, there are more beautiful places on the map!). Together with some photos to get a good insight into the beauty of that spot. The full photography series of Namibia, definitely to recommend, you can check at my Nambia Photography Series. A side note about Namibia: really find yourself a comfortable 4x4 to rent. Most of the roads are bad / dirt road, you want to feel safe on the road and it's not nice to get stuck in the middle of nowhere!

And then last but not least: I always look forward to read your feedback, questions or thoughts and there is a space down this page to share them with me. Enjoy the map!

map2 (2).jpg
Quiver Tree Forest

Just off the main road you can find two farms to visit these quirky trees. 

I would def recommend it!


The Sossusvlei, a huge area of high red dunes, is one of

Namibia's highlights.

Deadvlei is a claypan within this.

Rostock Ritz Lodge

Got it recommended by a friend and I recommend it to you: an amazing lodge with pool with wide view over the desert, camping facilities and friendly staff.

Skeleton Coast

It thanks its name to the shipwrecks that couldn't manage the big waves & the skelets that you find on the beach of many creatures...


A cute coast town where is nothing much to do. But it's right next to Kolmans-

kopf and so it is the ideal place to stay for the night.


Already only for this I would go back to Namibia. It is one of the most photogenetic places, this former diamond town in the desert.

Fish River Canyon

Not much of a river in dry season, but eather way a very beautiful place. Possible to hike for a few days, or just to have a look like we did!

White Lady

An ancient old wall painting in Brandberg Mountain. I don't know about be and history but... The area was beautiful and the Brandberg White Lady Lodge had great campsites.

Ugab Terrace Lodge

One of my favorite lodges. Beautiful pool, amazing food and also great campside facilities. Definately worth the stop!

Grootberg Lodge

A lodge with a beautiful view but far out of the route and not to cozy. Wouldn't go back here another time


Namibia's biggest and most popular Nature Reserve.

In December I wasn't too impressed as we didn't see much wildlife we hadn't before in Nam.

Petrified Forest

Pretty awesome to see trees that became stone as it is thousands of years old!

I would recommend to have a look here.

Lake Oanob Resort

My dad's favorite spot and indeed: it is pretty. It has beautiful, big and peaceful camp spots on the lake.

A must stop!

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