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Personal Meditation

To start with, I think it is beautiful you're considering asking me to create you a personalized meditation. This means you care about your mental health, working towards unlocking your best self and you know that meditation can benefit you amazingly.

The meditations I offer are often based on improving your life around a certain theme or obstacle in your life. Through the principles of Affirmation, Visualisation and the Law Of Attraction, you can raise your frequency to attract that what you wish for into your life. If you wish to know more about this, get in touch :)

I offer two ways of creating your personalized/customized meditation and working on that what you wish to attract into your life. The basic difference is that one kind of offer is a live guided meditation and the second one a prerecorded guided meditation.
Live Meditation
Within the live meditation, you will be a guided meditation around one very specific theme you wish to improve in your life. You might not know yet how to put it into words, but you know you wish to improve this part of your life. Together we will find out how you attract and wish to improve your life. Through a powerful personalized visualization meditation, we will raise your vibration to become a better version of yourself. Scroll down below for more information.

Fully recorded Meditation
Within this option, you may give me one specific wish or obstacle in your life, you wish to improve. This might be finding the love of your life, a better place to live, or to feel more confident. Through a strong visualization meditation, you can attract this reality into your life by changing your frequency/vibration. This could be a meditation for yourself or to gift to someone that can use that loving push in the right direction. This recorded meditation could also come with video. Have a look down below for the options*.

Please send me a message when you have a question or request for a personalized meditation and I will do my top best to create, together with you, the most beautiful meditation.
Love and light ☼

* These prices are for personalized meditations with one focus/theme and not for commercial use. Would you like me to write a fully personalized script for you, or to use it commercially, get in touch to discuss the options.


What do others say?

Dear Anouk. This is the third time I do this meditation and I needed this. At times when my OCD is so incredibly high, this is a welcome meditation. I feel grateful and hopeful. Thank you.

Lottie O.

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