Portrait Photography

This is a collection of my favorite photographs captured during one of my True Self Photography Sessions. May you enjoy these authentic photographs, all captured in natural light.

With love and gratitude

Anouk Anansi

Bevan van

Feb '22 Bevan makes beautiful driftwood sculptures and lamps from sisal wood. He lives in the Garden Route, South Africa, where he finds his wood and creates it into incredible pieces of art. More about Bevan and his work, find this online on Exhibit Art

Rosa at

Jan '22 New year, new work. I was please to have Rosa in front of my lens. Llandudno is one of Cape Town's most beautiful beaches, and the light is just perfect around sunset. She was part of my shoot with the musician Kailash Kokopelli, who wished for more photographs of himself.

Ineke van 

July '21 Ineke and I wanted to work together once again, as we both enjoyed the results of our last shoot together! This day the focus was more inside, more gypsy and darker colors. What do you think? Click here to check out more about Ineke & her gorgeous photographs.

Sarah Lee

Aug' 21 One year after our previous photoshoot, Sarah liked new photographs for her upcoming projects. She will use these for her new podcast, on her Instagram page and Journals she will be sharing for Soul Writers Journal.

Ineke van 

April '21 Ineke and I had a double date. I loved her photography and asked if she wanted to take photographs of me, and she liked me to take photographs from her too! It was a warm afternoon in Llundadno, one of Cape Town's most beautiful beaches. Good results guaranteed!

Clare Morris

Feb' 21.. Photo's from this beautiful spirited souls are made in Scarborough, South Africa.
Clare uses her portraits for Social Media purposes, and to promote her sound journeys, yoga classes and other conscious events. More about her, head to Instagram Account: Clare.Hope