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Clare Hope's Story

Hi everyone! I AM Clare Hope Morris and Soul Expression has invited me to share my heart with Soul Writers Journal, along with my positive, spiritual and empowering look on life. I have been described as a gentle, strong and fiercely loving woman. Also, a ray of sunshine and a bit of a ‘trail blazer!’ I invite you to come on a journey with me and I hope that my raw truth telling and wild honesty can open something up for you too!

Want to know more about me?....Here’s an introduction….and I guarantee….the layers keep unravelling!

Who am I

I live in Cape Town, the Cosmopolitan Mother City of South Africa, within a wild landscape on the tip of the African coast. I grew up here, and even though I have travelled the world, exploring over 30 countries, I have found it hard to call anywhere else home. I feel a real sense of belonging here. I belong to the rugged mountains and salty sea. Their molecules have made a home of me. The plants, animals and elements have raised me in a way that I can hear the wisdom of my heart speak through the nature around me. I am made of the wild divinity that runs through my veins, as the rivers do too, and you will begin to see how this is translated into my writing.

You can find me cracking a crude joke, creating an artistic film, looping music, channelling spoken-word, dancing under the night sky, making a fire, looking for the next adventure, surfing, rock climbing, diving, hiking and rescuing a wild animal from somewhere within the urban jungle. I also spend many days intuitively landscaping and frolicking in my biodiverse food forest garden. Being a seeker and change maker at heart, I have recently found myself living in a dynamic, multi-functional, social systems hub with artists, activists and innovators.

My spiritual journey

When I was a toddler, I felt safe in my garden, with my animal companions. I grew up in a volatile home, where love was key, but still, we found ourselves in heavy emotional pain, addiction and self-neglect. I grew up without boundaries, a sense of intimacy or a chance to embody my own voice. So, I found my refuge with the nature spirits. I developed a deep sense of love for myself through my intuition, which guided me in the hardest of times. I listened to the wisdom of my heart and became grounded in my body as my primary safe space. I learnt that when I trust, love and take care of myself, I can sense freedom in my own peace.

But, naturally, growing up in a temperamental home and being a wild cat myself, I became ultra RISKAY as a teenager. Luckily, my higher-self stepped in and pulled me back towards myself. I began to meditate when I was 15 years old and cleaned up my act at 17 years old. I then moved to an off-grid self-reliant eco-village as soon as I finished school. I followed my intuition and found practices that could give me a wholesome and healthy life. Now, I wish to harvest and share all that I have gathered in my adventures with you...and don’t worry! The RISKAY behaviour is still there. Now, it’s just in a healthy way ;)

"My vision is to assist you in establishing an agency of authentic leadership from within by reawakening the tangibility and potential of your imagination"

What do I wish to share with the world?

As a Wellness Coach, Innovative Entrepreneur and Transformative Activist, I wish to share my tool box with you, of skills and wisdom that I have gathered along my journey. My vision is to assist you in establishing an agency of authentic leadership from within by reawakening the tangibility and potential of your imagination. To shift the face of society by giving permission to yourself as a way of also empowering others to live in a way that is authentic and driven by your personal genius.

Clare Hope Morris as musician,  playing her medicine drum. Photography by Alexandra Borcila
Holding Sacred Ceremony for my Altered States Series. Photography by Alexandra Borcila

What is in my tool box?! In developing my skills, I have become a Transformative Arts Practitioner, Innovator, Educator, Facilitator, Energy Healer, Embodiment Practitioner, Alchemist, Intuitive Nature Guide and Spiritual Mentor. I spin conversations in Regenerative Systems, Gender Equity and Reconciliation, Rewilding and finding your authentic Flow State. My offerings allow you to tap into the inherent medicine of the planet and tune into the wisdom waiting in your body. So that you can be supported by your inner being and feel the infinite source of creation that resides in the love in the divine cells of your body. I simply navigate the way in. Naturally, there is an intelligence to this, and so I invite you to step into my world and learn from my ever-evolving experiences.

You can find some of my somatic sessions on YouTube here:

40 minute Ituitive Yin Yoga 40 minute class & Kundalini Breathwork Chakra Meditation

"Naturally, there is an intelligence to this, and so I invite you to step into my world"

Something quirky about me:

I love taking nude photography in nature to empower women, celebrate them, and help them to connect deeper with themselves. I also like to free-draw nude female figures with fungus, flower and feline heads onto my nature photography, to raise awareness of environmental personhood and eco-feminism. This is my way of re-awakening my imagination, by allowing these beings to occupy spaces through my art. I re-connected with my inner artist when lockdown hit; and I needed an outlet to express the wilderness of my inner being. I began making nature-based kaleidoscope spoken word art films, with transmissions and activations inspired by my reflective dialogue with nature; and channelling my heart’s wisdom into music. I have not looked back since. I hope that the images and activation videos awaken a sense of naked vulnerability that give your own raw and wild expression permission to take up space too. Honestly, I feel cultureless at times, and my way of dealing with this is by developing a sacred knowledge system through my intuition and communing with the divine as my primary teacher. You can read more about this in my upcoming journals and view my art on my Clare.Hope Instagram Page here.

My connection to Soul Expression

I met Anouk when she was just beginning to find love with a tremendously dear childhood friend of mine, Tristan. He held space as an embodied masculine and provided a safe place for me to go to when things were hard at home. When I met Anouk, I became friends with her instantly!!! She was such a social butterfly, so warm, welcoming, charismatic and creative. I became charmed by her whimsical nature immediately; and it didn’t take long for us to become GREAT friends! Her acts of sincere kindness, initiative and generosity drew me in, and she embraced me immediately. She has become one of my most favourite, closest and dearest sisters; and her ability continues to astound me. It has been incredible to support each other as we discover ourselves ever deeper and “take up space”.

Woman in a circle, smiling, natural colors. Photo by Tim Taylor
A magical day connecting with women and holding space for Your Sovereign Self,. Photography by Tim Taylor

Soon I'll be hosting a 6 week online immersion, Your Sovereign Self. This course is co-created with Page Lotze to empower you to claim your authentic truth and live your deepest desire! I believe that you are worth it and you are deserving of experiencing every piece of you that is innately sensual, soulful, powerful, pure and fierce. Live the life you love and be the woman you were born to be! Claim your space from your truest place within! If we do this, then we give others permission to do the same and SHINE too. I am inviting you to join the self-love revolution. If you feel the call to say a full ‘YES’ to yourself then get in touch! I’d love to meet you. Download the Sovereign Self brochure here.

And if you would like to know more about my other offerings like Wellness Coaching, Guided Meditations, Events and Sacred Offerings, you can find me on Facebook and Instagram. Hope to see you there!

With love

Clare Hope Morris.

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