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Go With The Flow

The other day I heard someone saying “I’m doing well, just running around to let it all flow”. I got a brain freeze. To me, this is very conflicting as running around to arrange things and flowing do not go together.

Anouk with kite being happy and in flow

It’s a funny thing, flow. It is not that easy to be in flow, but it’s also the most natural thing. It is letting go. Not forcing. Working with intentions, not with strict plans. Being able to accept things as they are. It’s a word we like to use in life as it sounds great and when we are in flow… It also feels great. You can find flow everywhere you look in nature. How a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, the seasons change into the next and water runs through rivers and valleys. But for us human, with all expectations to ourselves, to and from another, it is unfortunately not that easy. Though, it is just so delicious to be in flow! I’m sure you’ve had days that you bump into a friend and you can have a spontaneous coffee together, or the phone rings when you were just thinking about this person. The first and second part of the digital clock is the same… Flow means living in the moment. Feeling into what you want and need right now.

Universe has the most beautiful plan for you and when you let go and stop forcing life, it will give you presents in life. So step back, take a deep breath and… Let go <3

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