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High Vibes and Healing

The first of October has past, a few short months left in this year beckon and depending on where you are in the world the taste of spring or autumn is in the air.

Peach tree flowers in the spring of Western Cape, South Africa
Blossoming peach tree from my garden

I’ve been away traveling in the last month and it’s been wonderfully refreshing to come back to my home space and notice the wonders of spring change. Here in South Africa (and those in the Southern Hemisphere) we are moving from our winter season into spring and it feels like a rebirthing into the world. The oak trees are covered in their new green leaves, the setting sun lands in a different spot on the horizon and the air is rich with the sweet smell of blossoms.

Bees are eagerly visiting dew laden flowers and every time I walk past the Buddleia and Jasmine my heart swells with their beautiful scent. A time of emerging, blossoming, opening, meeting the rising of the sun in new ways.

In this time of birthing and opening the body is adjusting, the change in season and weather gifting us new opportunities of presence to be with what is and nurture what is called for.

You may find yourself needing extra gentleness and rest as you dance between the polarity of winter depth and spring flirtiness with life.

Taking time to dance in the sunshine and also prioritizing deep restful slumber, hydration and sunlight.

Listening to the needs of your being and what it calls for - more play, more rest, more presence with each breath.

This past month I had a powerful experience nursing both my parents who fell ill and needed my assistance. I was there for three weeks, nursing and caring for them and finding myself becoming even more aware of this dance within myself of deep inner listening. Feeling my body keeping me strong and healthy, messages and signals coming through about how to best equip my immune system. Playing with the fear and allowing it to be felt and then drawing up strong boundary lines against this invasion of my space and body, I choose health, I choose rest and stillness and the deep trust in my body's innate healing wisdom.

Messages came through from a deeply intuitive place about keeping myself strong

Messages came through from a deeply intuitive place about keeping myself strong and healthy meant keeping my energy space clear and strong. Chanting and singing sacred songs, listening to beautiful inspiring music, watching only what was good and kind and beautiful, eating intuitively of nutrient dense foods, praying, gratitude, presence. This is the way of health and healing. This is the dance with the wisdom of the body being. This being that holds us and loves and keeps us so very alive. To gently look at the fear that clutches at the heart of society and be gentle and strong in our faith, in our love, in our truth. That our bodies are working for us, it’s time to listen. I felt the illness come to my door and test those boundaries, but I stood in trust and love, and love won.

Sarah Lee Becket in conneection with herself and nature around her. Photography by Anouk anansi
Being with my body in the stillness of nature. Photography by Anouk Anansi

So an invitation in this time of seasonal change is to be even more so with your body being.

♡ What is she/he needing from you right now?

♡ How can you raise the inner vibration and bring healing and peace to your space and body?

♡ How is music, food, media, and environment supporting your expanded state of being?

♡ How can you listen more deeply to the needs of your body in this time?

Here is a playlist I put together of beautiful high vibrational music for the soul, listening to this and singing along with my whole heart was such deep medicine. I could feel the boundary of light and healing emanate even stronger when I sang and tapped into that space.

Here is a recipe for a Hot Toddy Tea if you feel the seasonal changes challenging your immune system:

♡ 2 Tbsp grated ginger

♡ 1 grated garlic

♡ 1 Tbsp grated fresh turmeric

♡ Juice of 1 lemon

♡ 2 tsp of honey (stir in just before drinking)

♡ ¼ tsp cayenne pepper

♡ Pinch of ground black pepper to activate the turmeric

Place all ingredients in a pot and cover with boiling water. Allow to sit for at least 30min to brew and get potent. Stir in honey, strain. Whisper prayers and thanksgiving to the plant healers and your beautiful body keeping you alive and well.

Another tip is using Wilde Als (Artemisia Afra, African Wormwood) to steam, drink as a tea and make into a smudge stick. It’s a powerful potent herb here to support our bodies during these times and I have been using them frequently during the last few weeks. This plant grows easily and has a woody stem. Having one or many in your garden is truly a blessing and gifting to yourself and your community.

Keep strong dear heart as we move into new seasons and times. It’s a time of birthing into spring or a gentle settling into autumn and both call us to deep presence and preparation for the time to come.

Blessings to you from me on a rainy spring day in South Africa!

Sarah x

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