Our Very First Music Recording

Yes, it is a town, but almost more the desert... For the last two days, my partner and myself have been in a recording studio for the very first time. After one year of writing song and a collection over 10+ (and growing!) I felt it was needed to finally record our Gypsy / Singer-songwriter/ Folky / Inspirational kinda music!

Desert Vibes
Desert Vibes In Ladismith

Me, not always having the greatest patience - working on it- was a little worried of how long each song could take… Day one felt like a bit a drag, indeed. We recorded one full song (yes, with percussion and shakers and all) but still… The other two we recorded that day weren’t finished by far, and let’s not forget about the other 10!!!

Either way, day one had seemed like a warm up after all (gotta trust the process!!) and day two, we were flying. Even one Dutch song on piano, and another piano overlay. This is (another) dream come true. I’m excited, though a tiny bit anxious of how it now will all come out - if it will be the #gypsyvibe we wanna have you feel - but let’s trust! Hearing my voice back so clear made me a little doubtful here and there, very self aware. The real present of the day was our little (and first public!) performance that evening @gypsys_ladismith - a restaurant we had fallen in love with and been every evening here in Ladismith.

Hearing my voice naturally and having people enjoying my songs was a real gift, and gave the fun and trust back I may had forgotten about just a little that day.

Thank you life 🙏🏻

Stay tuned on the website & through the newsletter for our first Single Release!