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Navigating the unknown

Navigating the unknown seems to be the name of the game of 2021 heading into 2022. We've been at it strongly since 2019 so if you haven't morphed into a serious jedi... yet... May the force be with you...

Clare Morris wondering. Photography by Anouk Anansi
Wondering what will happen next...

It's been a wild ride. Learning to move and be with the ripples and tides that is the dawning of the new world upon us. Whether this unfolding mystery brings hope or fear for any one individual - we remain humble to the constant reminder that each moment is precious and none will ever be the same again. One minute I find myself in a mental cluster f**k - the next a doorway into bliss - the next an unexpected opportunity - the next a cancellation - or a subtle meltdown of just simply needing to take space - time out - moving with the motions - forcing me to be present with what life truly has to offer here and now.

And so, I wonder… What happens when the parameters keep on shifting? What happens when my goal posts and illusions of stability, consistency and control become a thing of the past? What happens when we are met by shifting tectonic plates at multiple levels of our lives and the magic carpet sweeps us into unknown territory time and time again - that hopping from one variation to the next becomes the norm because nothing is normal anymore?

What happens when hopping from one variation to the next becomes the norm because nothing is normal anymore?

Do we freeze? Do we opt out? Do we thrive? Do we ride the waves and grow with each challenge as the conceptual framework shifts moment by moment? Isn't navigating the unknown a little bit more honest? Allowing us to truly be in the unravelling of the moment? Could this have been the original way to truly be alive – out in the wilderness? Before signposts and watches we worked with rhythms and seasons. We observed our environment, engaged, and adapted. We participated with the elements and lived day by day within reason – I would imagine?

I have been taking space in trying to find my flow in the unfolding landscape of my personal experience. I have found refuge and consistency in a rhythm of accepting, enriching and investing in what I do have. I have come to love deeper and know that people are facing hardships that they haven’t come to know how to face themselves in yet. I am learning to take things moment by moment and not expect anything – at times - even from myself.

This has been more freeing than I could have imagined. For the first time, I am allowing myself to surrender into the feminine mystery that allows life to unravel and reveal herself to me. To navigate the unknown step by step and be in reverence with what arises – while participating. Saying “YES” to what is saying “YES” to me in each moment… and learning what this flow feels like.

I have come a long way from trying to make things happen or setting an expectation for how things should be. I am now allowing life to tell me how it is that I am meant to show up in the world and I must admit… the things that really seem to matter are the simple ones. Success is what you make of it and a fat bank account does not necessarily account for quality of life. I have had to find my freedom in the bliss of finding the richness in each moment. I have had to confront my needs to latch onto things, from my anxiety and emptiness, by channeling this energy into something that fulfills me. Like making music, going for a surf, expressing my authentic voice and tending to my permaculture food forest garden.

So often, I did not allow myself to enjoy the good things in life. But honestly, it’s not hard work that keeps me afloat! It’s getting in my body by going rock climbing, or shifting my depression by acting on the thing that is asking to be seen within, so that I can come back to who I really am. By nature, as mammals, we are pleasure-seeking creatures. So: what gives you joy? What brings you into alignment? What makes you come alive? Do that thing… when the world falls beneath your feet… Go There! Follow your baseline! Your life is asking to evolve with you and if you don’t know what that next step is… now is the time to start inquiring – “Who am I at my core and what do I need in this moment right now? Can I give it to myself? Am I deserving – of my own love and self-care? Can I show up for myself?”

Listen to my latest poetic transmission on my @Clare.Hope Instagram Page

I have let go of many conventional references of what it means to be a “valuable” human being in modern society. With that, I have gained what it means to live through my heart, trust the process, and become more real to myself in each and every moment. To give reverence to uncertainty and find refuge in the consistency of my transformation, in how I can meet myself fully in the unfolding moment. I am floating above the current of the unknown by committing to saying yes to myself in each moment fully – to show up and be present in my relationships - as a way in - rather than an opt out. Because, in times like these, relationships are our true currency.

Whatever it is we feel we are needing - we can give it to ourselves when we build a relationship with ourselves and become our own mirrors. If you feel yourself falling into an entanglement with your emotions, then now is the time to shift it by discovering how you really wish to be in the world. How others will love and respect you is led by the example of how you love and respect yourself. The more you give time to this everyday – as your therapy – as your medicine – it will show up more and more in your life – and be an authentic gift, as it creates space for yourself and others to show up authentically and sustainably.

Being my own mirror, I wrote myself a love letter, to hear the wisdom of my heart speaking to me. I hope that this letter resonates somewhere in your heart too – as often the medicine of our hearts is shared in the trials and tribulations of our humanness [find my poem in spoken words and movements right here]


Dear heart

I vow to cherish myself with my undying love. May all who look upon me feel the embrace of my radiance that is the chrysalis holding my becoming in sanctity in each moment. May I value myself like how I value the breaking day as the sunrises. May I be clear in my boundaries and show love to myself first by honouring how I truly feel inside. May my love be selfless and unattached so that it frees me from the binds of the unconscious karma of others. May I walk the earth as if the song of my life is living through me. May I trust that its rhythm is a medicine for me to devour, with every waking breath, making me more alive. When I falter in allowing myself to fall through the cracks, to forget myself, to become lost to myself, may I remember that I am still here waiting to be seen by myself again. To show up and say, “HERE I AM!” with my open heart and soul. For why should I hide? Why should I deny myself of any moment or of anything that will truly make me come alive? What is the risk? What is the sacrifice? What is the gift awaiting me when I allow the spaciousness to reveal what lies waiting in the present moment? With this I vow to be present with myself. To dance with myself. To move with myself as a long lost lover and best friend. What ever it is I am needing – these are the parts waiting to be met within me. I vow to show up for myself so that I can be fully present with those who I love and meet my opportunities with a full and overflowing heart. The days that I am absent, the days that I fall away, are days that invite me to go a little deeper into my experience and claim back parts of myself that I did not know were asking to me met. I vow to listen to myself. To take my own hand and still accept the hands of others. I vow to allow myself to remember that I will leave this earth the way I came in which is with myself – and so I will love myself truly, tenderly and deeply as my best companion. I vow to not hurt myself and create harmony within so that my inner world can shine through in my life as my message. I vow to pay attention and to play so that I can learn what this message is day by day in the freedom and beauty of my becoming. I vow to say “YES” to all of me at all times and live in the invitation. I vow to no longer suffocate myself by not speaking my truth and living within the parameters of other’s projections. I vow to be present, respectful, honest, trustworthy and impeccable with how I live my life in alignment with who I truly am – each day- as the magic unfolds. I vow to support myself, see myself and love myself from within. I vow to break my dependency on external validation and I vow to celebrate the richness that pours from my breath in any given moment. I vow to be free in the unfolding of my life that is the lovemaking of my soul. I vow to return here each and every day in some way so that I can be reminded that my life is precious – it is a gift – and it is my choices that determine my fate.


From time to time I write in my journal to process what is living in me so I can be present with it. There is a wonderful practice called ‘emotional dumping’ where you free write until your have dumped all of your thoughts and feelings onto the page. Then this makes room for the clarity and wisdom to flow through you. If you feel stuck, then simply have it as a practice so you have a mirror to be present with. Remember to take care of yourself by making space for yourself in your life in a loving way. See if my Authentic Self-love Meditation can help you with this.

Clare Morris and her self love meditation. Photography by Anouk Anansi
Find more meditations and podcasts on my YouTube channel

If this article resonated with you, then here are some reflection questions that might help to get moving!

♥ What are my vows to myself so I can show up for myself today?

♥ Did I do the thing that brings me joy?

♥ Did I take time for myself – even if it was just sitting for half an hour in deep space?

♥ Did I take the time to really listen to someone I love?

♥ Did I communicate how I feel and take the appropriate action so that I could feel in alignment with how I was spending my energy?

♥ Did I tell myself that I love myself and “We’re in this together?”

♥ Did I channel my anxiety into my art? Physical workout? Personal project?

♥ Did I allow myself to sleep properly and eat what made me feel like it was a great day today!?

♥ Did I wait until I wasn’t triggered anymore to make a decision?

♥ Did I choose to see the “small win” and look beyond the challenge towards the thing that will fulfill me – the thing that I am moving towards?

♥ Was I honest with myself?

♥ Did I trust myself that I will intuitively make the right decision and life has a plan for me?

♥ Did I allow the flow?

If you would like to go on a personal journey of inquiry with me, to find your authentic flow, I offer one on one intuitive inquiry sessions in support of you becoming more connected to yourself in all aspects of your life. I also offer group sessions in the form of workshops, working with the Transformative Arts, for you to experience a fundamental shift in meeting who you truly are and developing a deeper love for yourself from within. Feel free to get in touch through Instagram or e-mail (

In gratitude

Clare Morris.

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