Sarah Lee's Story

Dear reader. It’s wonderful to meet through this sharing of words and stories! I’m Sarah Lee, a woman living a simple nourished life upon the land. The cry of my heart brings me into deeper communion and communication with the earth, plants and gentle softening of my body into this ancient remembering. To share from my breath and blood the stories of the wild woman, the ones returning home, to bleed upon the earth and create with our hands, holding tenderly the fullness of this life.

Myself in the forest. Photography by Soul Expression

I make my home in a caravan on a piece of land between the river and the trees. I live here with my Beloved as we live in love... a simple, gentle life of fullness. We’ve lived here together now for just more than a year - a small village tucked in the stretching mountainous Overberg region of South Africa. Listen to my story of finding my home in this land on the first episode of my podcast - Blood, Bone and Becoming.

The great reset of 2020 brought us here, an escape from the intensity of a world changing so rapidly and dramatically. An escape which brough much deep healing and holding, the space and silence lending an ear to the longing and hurt within and gently guiding us deeper home to ourselves. A place of refuge that softened and nurtured and became our home.

Little could I have known a few years ago that my life would take such a turn and watch this life unfold around me. But perhaps I did, deep down, a yearning for the wilds, for a simple life, crafting with my hands and heart and living with gentle softening and intention.

"Little could I have known a few years ago that my life would take such a turn and watch this life unfold around me"

My spiritual journey

For the last few years I have been on a journey of deep healing and reconnection to my body. In my teen years I struggled with disordered eating, body dysphoria and a lot of hurt and confusion around my beliefs, community and sense of self. Through a radical path of meeting myself in new and deeper ways I have been on a journey that has brought me to the teachers, guides and heart cracking experiences that have awakened a deep remembering and recognition within. Heart breaking open to meet the fullness of this reality and instead of running, blocking or numbing the parts of myself that were painful to meet and love, instead pausing, listening, nurturing and gently witnessing and healing that which was within. Finding beauty and stillness in the honoring of the rituals in the living moments.

Resting in the silence until the dance emerges from the being-ness and not the pushing or doing, but resting, allowing and receiving.

Channeling through the ancient wisdom of the earth through my body and living life in connection to the living breathing world of plant beings and medicine people. My practices involve connecting with my breath and sense body through Tantric teachings and feel a deep connection to the profound truths of this softening into the expansiveness within my sense of being. Daily ritual and self care ground me into me space, a slowing down and gentle awareness in these little moments with profoundly simple truths into my body. Ecstatic or conscious dance has also played a huge role in my journey to self and being able to connect so deeply and dance freely has been a hugely transformative experience in my life. Inhale and exhale, the expansion and contraction of the universe, the cycles within our menstrual cycle, the changing leaves on the trees, they tell a story of transformation, change and motion, always moving, shifting, flowning. A gentle knowing acceptance of the changing leaves within the heart and body.

What do I wish to share with the world?

The more my journey has brought me home to myself, the more I’ve connected with sharing from a place of radical truth of what is moving through me. So my sharings and offerings to the world change and evolve as I do as a person. Radical authenticity, living fully and wholly is deeply felt in my bones and walking and sharing about a path that leads to a greater sense of that truth is where I tread. My work honors the sacred feminine, the wilds of the earth reflected in our bodies and the magic and wisdom we hold in the cosmos of our womb. I live to create meaningful community, educate and inspire womben to return to their wild selves in the earth and honor the ritual, transitions and initiations of this life as a maiden, mother and crone. My sharing currently take place on IG, my podcast - Blood Bone and Becoming and here on Soul Writers Journal. My heart leads me to work with women who desire to return to the wilds of their feminine and connect with their bodies in the earth. I run online courses/immersions and look forward to hosting Earth Body - a six week dive into honoring the seasons of this earth body. I also look forward to sharing stories and recipes from nature, gentle guidance on rituals and personal practices to support your journey to self. May you remember and return to all that is wild and free within your being.

"My work honors the sacred feminine, the wilds of the earth reflected in our bodies and the magic and wisdom we hold in the cosmos of our womb"

What would my ideal world look like?

Small communities of humans focused on rebuilding connection to each other and our humanity, learning to listen and learning how to be a part of nature again. A people dedicated to love and a radical rewilding of self, living in community, a simple nature based life where we share, learn, love and create together… a remembrance that we too are nature. I believe that we are meant to live in community with each other, to be supported and held, guided and seen within a space where we all are valued for the important role we play in the eco-system. Where communities raise and teach the children about walking gently upon the earth without the weight of commercialism of the human spirit. To live with the knowing that your purpose and identity is not tied to how you may profit from the system or how the system profits from you but rather a respect and honoring of life in its fullness. Respect for plant and animal beings, honoring of life and death and all that is real and true. This is the world of my heart.

Connecting to self. Photography by Soul Expression

Something quirky about me?

Sometimes I create a character with an accent which I take on impersonating with much gusto, other times it’s sharing collections of memes I find with dear friends. I guess my quirk could be the fearlessness for taking on something new and unknown, be it starting a new business, learning how to make Babkas and then making 20 at a time or deciding to change my life and make radical life changes to meet that…. The fiery Leo coming through perhaps.

My connection to Soul Expression

I met Anouk from Soul Expression at a gathering of dear humans in the forest, a week of joyous celebration, expression and forest dwelling. I remember Anouk attending a naked yoga by my sister friend and I were hosting and appreciating her vibrant energy. At this same festival I connected with my now life partner who also happened to be a long time friend of Anouk’s beloved. Over time and through meeting and enjoying spaces and places together we found ourselves weaving a beautiful connection of laughter, creativity and a beautifully open and honest friendship. I was drawn to this beautiful strong Dutch woman with even stronger ideas and how different we were to each other. It was curious to me, a fascination to explore a part of myself that was desiring the duality of our connection.

There is such great wisdom in this desire, the desire for connection with those who can offer us a different way of relating and seeing the world. And what a beautiful thing to be so expanded by the gift of another - Anouk I thank you, your beingness has been the most exquisite gifting for my heart.

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