Summer Solstice Happiness

Happy hippies, community vibes and a gorgeous lake in your backyard. Any other wishes?

Summer Solstice Eden Festival Sedgefield
Mike at Summer Solstice

Meet Mike! He was one of the people, joining last Decembers Summer Solstice. Once per season, a community of like-minded souls played, learned, co-created and grew together, moment by moment, and from heart to heart. Approximately 450 people gathered at Well-Being Sanctuary near Sedgefield, South Africa, to weave a new way of being. This event happens once per season, around Solstice and Equinox, to celebrate change and life.

At this event, I helped them with their video and photography footage. Like to check it out? Follow the links below!

Photography Footage Summer Solstice

Daytime Video Summer Solstice

Fire Video Summer Solstice

Enjoy the watch!

For news on future gatherings, find them on Well-Being Sanctuary

With love ♥ Anouk Anansi♥