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The Power Of Gratitude

Gratitude is something very powerful. So powerful, we shouldn’t underestimate it and use it more as a tool. I’ll tell you why, inspired by the knowledge of The Law Of Attraction & Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Showing Gratitude, soul writers journal, photography by Prasanth Inturi

* Energy * Everything is energy. Little creatures, plants, your pet, yourself. Ever walked into a place and you felt it had a weird vibe? This is the energy you picked up from this place. It could have been the people, but also the vibration/energy from that empty warehouse. Every place and emotion has a different energy, frequency or also called hertz. Anger is measured at 150 hertz. You will attract the energy you send out so guess what you’ll get back when you’re living on 150 hertz? Rather use this in your favor! Joy and peace have a frequency between 500 and 600 hertz. You’ll attract this when you feel grateful for all that you have, especially the non-materialistic things we all have. Legs that move us forward, a heart that beats, eyes that see. Be grateful for this, change your energy and change your life. * Seal your wish * Secondly, gratefulness can work like sealing a bag full of your wishes. Let your dream not just be a dream but visualize & feel like already living this life of your dreams. Trust life will provide you with everything you need. Make a vision board about how your life will look like in 10 years. You’ll then seal this bag full of wishes by feeling grateful for all these dreams already coming true. By feeling grateful, you’ll send out to the world like your dreams have already become true and you will then attract this life. As, once again, energy will attract the same energy.

I hope you have enjoyed this Journal, and will try to experiment with the power of gratitude. Did you find this inspiring and do you wish some guidance on your path towards happiness in your live, being your best self and excited about each day ahead? Consider me as your Spiritual Mentor - 20 minutes call complimentary to see if I'm the one you wish to guide you on this journey.

With love


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