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Universe Has A Plan For You

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

I really believe the Universe has her own agenda for every single one of us. It wants you to follow your heart and challenges us within this, every moment again. Let me tell you something from my experience...

Man and the Universe. Photography by Greg Rakozy

There are so many things I like to do. Building on my converted bus. Creating dreamcatchers. Helping people. But besides the fact I can’t possibly do this all at the same time, I also don’t feel like doing all of this at the same time. And within the word feel, sits the magic.

Ideally, with whatever we do, we want to feel good and happy doing it. This might be seen as a luxury. In modern society, it gets so difficult to listen to the messages from our heart, as there is so much we think we need to do. But this thinking and needing are already in the way of listening to our heart.

"We all want to feel good and happy and this might be seen as a luxury"

I know, we all have to make money to pay the rent and all, but even within this, do your best to find the way it works best for you. What kind of work would make you most happy? You most feel like doing? And do this for all the other things in life too! With who do I like to hang out this evening? Do I feel like cooking, rather writing or painting?

The more we do things from passion and excitement, the more we are in flow and the better the results will be! I had it the other day, of really not feeling like making that phone call to sort out my tax admin. I made the call and there was a 10 minute waiting line. A week or so later, I felt much more like doing it and guess what: I was the first in line. I’m sure you’ve had situations like these, when you have let something go you weren’t keen on doing and did it when you [here it is again] felt like it, the results were better than expected. I don’t see this as a coincidence. I like to think that is the Universe her way of saying thank you, for listening to yourself and not pushing.

I really wish one day, all of us could realize that all they want is to be happy. And as the next step, figure out what this means for them. For their individual heart and spirit.

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With love and gratitude


Anouk - Spiritual Mentor and Meditation Guide - photography by Ineke Van Loven

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