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Your Dream Life

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Imagine. You’ve got a great running business. Your own secretary, hunderds people working for you. You’ve got the villa you dreamed of with the car that suits the house. You can go out for dinner to expensive restaurants and go on holiday whenever you want.

Dreams and wishes in life, spirituality. Photography by Rodnea Productions

Does this make you all excited? This is where many people will dream of. For them, this is the goal. But let’s think twice what you want to dream of –and so put your energy in – as this is what you will attract in your life, thus the Law Of Attraction Let’s go back to you as the rich person. You can now buy all the things you want, get great prestige and do things that feels good for your ego. But science has shown, even by researchers done way back in the days like Aristotle, that a dopamine boost won’t make you internally long term happy. Serotine will, which we get from things like connectivity, faith and helping others.

"Some scientists even refer to serotonin as the “happiness chemical,” because higher serotonin levels increase feelings of well-being, confidence and belonging"

With all your dreams and wishes, ask yourself 'Why' a few times. Check if the outcome of this question can’t better be fulfilled through other – wiser – channels, or if this outcome truly makes you happy. For instance, you want to make good money in order to travel a lot. How many or these big businessmen/women get stuck in their work-life till they are 60 year old – just a little too old to travel like a gypsy around Europe? Once you’re in the rat race, it’s difficult to drop “all you’ve worked for” for a few months off traveling. Or maybe you want to make a lot of money because you’ll be better respected by your friend. Beloved, let this be your life. You don’t live your life for anyone else than yourself. Again, achievement and prestige doesn’t make you happy in the long run. People around you should love you for who you are, not what you do or earn. A great documentary called Enlightenment gives a great example about a man, reached his goal of making a lot of money and getting jealous on a ‘normal’ family when he sees them all laughing.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not telling you that you don’t need money, but don’t let it be the goal. If your goal is to make more money, realize this goal is never made. There will always be more money in the world, so you’ll never be happy with what you have! Besides this, studies has shown, you need about $5.000 to cover your expenses and still be an emotionally healthy being, and after earning $8.000, you won’t get happier. So, think twice about what truly makes you happy. It might be self-care? Love? Family? Peace of mind? Focus on this and the rest will follow.

Do you find it difficult to discover your dreams? To get a sense of direction or identity in your life? Consider me as your Spiritual Mentor, which we will look for answers and bring you closer to true happiness. A 20 minute complimetary call is available, to see if I'm the one you connect with to find answers on these important questions.

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