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Welcome to my oldest product in this shop, even though yours will be uniquely made just after your order it!

Unique handmade crystal necklaces. Each crystal has her own powers and benefits. Some will give you great calmth, some give you energy and some can heal you. If you like a hand with choosing one that will suit you best, don't hesitate to give a shout! Down below I'll add some links that might make it easier to make up your mind.


If the gemstone of your preference is not listed here or if you are not sure what suits you best, please send me a message and I'll see if I can scout around for your favorite gemstone.

As with all my products, you can design them as you wish. Besides choosing your crystal, you may also choose if you like your wire to be silver or gold colored, and what color you like the suede cord to be.


If you have any other questions or if you have a special order, please contact me. I'm happy to help you!


Help, what crystal to choose?

✦ Choose a crystal based on what chakra you wish to support

✦ Choose a crystal based on your zodiac sign


Handmade Crystal Necklaces

Color Suede Cord
Color Wire
  • Delivery Times

    Unfortunately, the African Post Express hasn't always been the quickest. I'm still, after 2 years of sending packages around the world, trying to find the best way to get your ordered delivered to you, in the quickest and safest way possible. 

    I used to offer free shipping, but without any track and trace. As my orders didn't go missing, but just took a damnnnn long time, I stopped offering free shipping and added the price to make sure, you know your unique gift is on its way to you.

    My apologies up front for any delayes, but trust me, it is on its way! At African Time. That is a real term here in South Africa ;)

  • Return Policy

    Most of my products are uniquely made for you. As soon as I have your order, I will check if I have all the needed information (such as color, right crystals or wording on your art piece) and I will go ahead.

    Though, mistakes can happen from either your or my side, and I don't want unhappy costumers! Bad for my karma, you know ;) So, if there is anything, don't hesitate go get in touch. You can either send it back to me and will get a full refund of your product, minus the shippingcosts, or we can make another plan to make both of us content.

Unfortunately ou can not make an online payment. Please make a screenshot of your order and email it to and we take it from there.

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