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Short About You Story

Short & Sweet

Introduce yourself in 2-3 sentences. This story will be shared together with the other writers from the Soul Writers Journal collective ← click to see my example.


Your (writers) name:
Short description:


Please also add a good quality nice photograph of yourself. Preferably one that suits the work you do. One in which you smile, portrait, looking into the camera. Email your story and photographs in a Word Doc ♥

Long About You Story

Inspire them with your story!

This will be your first post in which you will really introduce yourself and show the best of you! Inspire our readers so they like to know more about you and maybe even wish to work with you, buy your beautiful products or join your sessions.


For an example, have a look at my Anouk Anansi Story.


Start with 2/3 lines to introduce this About Journal.

 For example, you can start like: "Soul Expression invited me to write for Soul Writers Journal and…

Or Hi everyone! My name is … and in my first journal I shall ..."


Then, please answer these questions:


♥ Who am I? (where do you live –remember this Is an international blog-, personality…)

♥ My spiritual journey (what has brought you here, what experience do you have)

♥ What do I wish to share with the world? (work you do, sharings in your Journals, etc)

♥ How would my ideal world look like?

♥ Something quirky about me?

♥ My connection to Soul Expression (me! How have we met, what have or can we mean for each other?)


At the end of this Longer About Story, don’t forget to invite your readers to your work and/or insta account!

For example: Would you like to read a little more about me? Head to my Soul Expression (Url here) You can also follow my work and vibes on my Soul Expression Instagram (Url here) and Soul Expression Facebook Page (Url here )

- I will link the URLs to the pages.

Please add two good quality nice photographs of you to this Journal. One will be just under the introduction of your Longer About Story, as you can see in mine. The other one a few paragraphs below that, and you could even add another photograph*. You may decide where these photographs will be shown in your article, just let me know clearly like this:

That is why I feel inspired to work within holistic healthcare


About Photo 2


Further on, I live in South Africa where I record my live meditations

Please send the named photos together with the Longer About Journal in a Word Document per email to me.

You Spiritual Journals

The real deal!

Have a look at one of my Meditation Journals for an example. 


I have introduced my wishes about the Journals before, but here a little refresher: let each Journal be between 500 and 1500 words. Let it be a reflection of the work you do, that what you find interesting and want to share with the world. Let it be inspiring and a part of growth for our readers! As I mentioned  before, you’re very welcome linking it to the work you do and offering, tough, let it not be just advertising. Write more about what your work has for benefits, what your event of work has to offer. Remember, this journal should also still be relevant and interesting in one year time, or when people choose not to work with you.

Example of not explicitly advertising for your work

Not: Don’t let all your words just be about “hosting in August a two month course about connecting with your femininity.

When you do this, you learn about … “

Instead: Let your whole blogpost be about “when you connect with your femininity, you will feel better connected with as your whole self and the world around you …. “

Start your Journal with 2 -3 sentences that will trigger readers to continue reading the Journal. These lines are most important! Below this intro, the first photo* you will send with will be shown. After that, more paragraphs, photographs and quotes will follow.

Last but not least

That last little juice!

Before we dive into writing, a few last important things to remember to add to each Journal:

♥ Urls to the pages you have your information from or where you tell more about your work. Please, insert the Url just after the sentence you like to have linked to that Url. 

Example: Would you like to read more about my upcoming event? Have a look on my website to find out more (Url here)
This could become: Would you like to read more about my upcoming event? Have a look on my website to find out more

♥ Let me know which 2 or 3 sentences you like me to quote and made extra visable, like you can see on the two Journals earlier on. Have the quotes spread out over your Journal. Show me what sentence you like to have quoted like this:

It was such a wonderfull day, [it was like all the flowers were covered by glitters] QUOTE through the light of the setting sun! 

I will then Quote the sentence(s) between the hooks.

♥ *Add good quality horizontal photo's to your Journals. From yourself on the About Pages, photographs from something that is connected to your Journal in the others. If you use these photos on Instagram , please try to mention and tag the photographer. Two great websites to find right free pretty pics are and
Please let me know where in your Journal you like the picture to be shown, like in the example above.

♥ Add tags that relate to your blog, like #spiritualwriter #vipassana #selflove

Looking forward reading your inspiring Journals!

Soul Writers Sharings

Dear Soul Writer. How awesome you're keen of becoming a pioneer for Soul Writers Journal. To start off, please send your Short About Story and Long About Story per email to After that, share your first beautiful Journal, about your offering or wisdom! Find some examples down below and see what I'm hoping to receive from you!

Background photo by Tim Taylor, At Sovereign Self - Woman’s Circle runned by Page Lotze & Clare Hope

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