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Our Soul Writers

Meet our conscious team of passionate writers. They wish to inspire you with their knowledge about healing, energy work, spirituality, happiness and so much more.


Anouk Vos

Spiritual Mentor &

Visualisation Meditation Guide

Hi, I'm Anouk! I'm the founder of Soul Expression and Soul Writers Journal. I love to share about my view on the world: about spiritual health, positivity, the power of energy and connection with self and the world around us. Hope you enjoy my work!


Clare Morris

Wellness Coach and Transformative Activist

Hi, I’m Clare! I am a wild hearted lover of transformation. I delight myself in women’s work, self-love, authentic living, radical honesty, personal empowerment, and liberation of the self through transformative activism. Dive in and see what magic awaits in the realm of intrepid self-discovery!

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Sarah Lee Beckett

Woman of Earth

and Blood

I’m Sarah, a radical earth woman returning and remembering the ways of the lands and my body. I live in a small village between the river and the trees and share from my life the
lessons and teachings from the richness of the earth. Each month I will be sharing rituals, crafting herbal medicine and nourishing food and honoring the primal wisdom of the feminine being-ness.

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