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Adventures in South Africa

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The houses in Bo Kaap, as colourful as the people from this country

At the end of February, I packed the biggest suitcase I could find (about the size of a washing machine) and left with some clothes, including fun stuff for the Africa Burn, my wetsuit for the surf, yoga mat and dreamcatchers for on the wall,

to Cape Town. 

I would stay for at least 3 months to work as a Social Worker, enjoy nature and the people and explore this great city where I heard so many amazing stories about. Also, to be awakened, as I've been warned for the crime and the

possibility to be eaten by a great white shark.

Adventure: here I am!

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Wauw, time past by never this fast! I fell in love with this city before the plain even landed. Read what made my heart beat faster.


What you really need to know when you have just arrived in the wonderful Cape Town:

get street wise!

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Ticking the three months, so time for another insight of the life as a Dutchie in South Africa! Make yourself ready for some real life stories!

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I haven't been sitting still much over the last years. Traveling countries and towns, I found myself happy and 'locked down' in a little country town.

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