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Everything that I do, I intent to do for the greater good. Upliftment, empowerment and positivity I try to keep central throughout my meditations, mentoring, documentaries and songs. Though, still in the starting phase of all, it has not been generating an income. 

It would be hugely supportive when people who love my work (like you?) will, besides supporting me by liking and sharing my work, would also financially support me. With this support, I can create more of the work that I already do. Which is besides all I describe above, also volunteering for an NGO for homeless people in Cape Town, plus setting up a programme named Growfully to support others to pick the fruits of life.

I choose for Patreon to help me raising funds for my work. When you like to read more about me and the work I do, please go ahead and find out a little more!

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Hi there! My name is Anouk, Dutch-born and 29 summers young. I've been traveling quite a bit since 2015, and now live with my partner in our converted bus and caravans. Besides ongoing work on these projects, I volunteer as a Social Worker with homeless people in Cape Town. Further on, I love creating empowering stories, meditations and songs. Through this I hope to inspire YOU and our fellow humans to live happily, empowered and the best version of yourself.How, what, where? Get a cuppa tea and continue reading my Soul Expression Tale...

Empowering Stories

 Short Documentary Series Capetonian Characters
Living in Cape Town, I sometimes feel like life is a movie here all the time. With big ups, like gorgeous mountains, the beautiful sea and friendly people, and with deep downs, such as poverty, criminality, discrimination and corruption.

Throughout my volunteering work as a Social Worker here in Cape Town, I keep meeting very unique characters throughout this big city. What intrigued me about their stories is that, even though their circumstances are very tough and unthinkable for people from a first-world country like myself, they do everything to keep their heads up.

In June 2019, their stories inspired me to start my first own, fully filmed, edited and funded short documentary series, called Capetonian Characters. I hope you feel empowered by their stories and feel more than ever grateful for the life that you live. Would you like to give more Capetonian Characters a voice? Become a Patreon Sponsor and support me in creating more short documentaries like these!


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Empowering Meditations
Use Visualisation and the Law Of Attraction to become your best self.

Living in Cape Town I know, life can be incredibly tough and unfair, but I strongly believe we have big control over this and to make positive change happen. I believe there is a God, and this God is within us. Through our incredibly strong mind power, I believe we can change our beliefs and life. Change the way you look at things, and the way you look changes.

After meditating with me, I truly hope you may attract a happier and more positive self. If so and you like me to create more of these meditations, support me and become a Patreon Sponsor!


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Empowering Songs
Listen and feel uplifted by my truthful soul songs

I can’t remember ever not singing. Actually never under the shower, but definitely out loud in the car, at the high school musical and here and there a friend who asked me to sing a few lines in their song. Whenever I started to write a song, I couldn’t get much further than the first sentence.

But then there was, that word “Sibuya”. I was canoeing in Eastern Cape, South Africa, when I read this word. Someone told me it meant we will return and that inspired me to write my first song. Ironically, this became the song Self Love and was followed by the song Sibuya. Don’t ask me how. But either way, my writing, composing, singing and harmonicaing didn’t stop since. Now I created 10 songs and I hope you love them, feel uplifted by them and like to hear more of them!


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As you can see, my daily work is full of creating and connecting to uplift, empower and inspire you, to become the best version of yourself. From here, you can bring this happiness to your neighbors, friends and family and so will they.

If you like to see more of this happening, consider supporting me in continuing my uplifting projects and become proudly a Soul Expression Patreon Sponsor (click!)

With love and gratitude
Anouk from Soul Expression