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A Lightfull Journey

I'm excited to welcome you here, where I share my happy makings. This is an ever-evolving variety of Spirit Songs, Mindshift Mentoring & Meditations, Bohemian Art, Grounding Shoes, Heartly Video and Photography. All made to create a smile on your face and happy heart beat.


Scroll down for a 'lekker' start (as we would say here in South Africa) and enjoy the journey!


Warm greetings

Anouk Anansi ♥

• Heartly sharings •


The first song was written at the start of 2021 - inspired by the word Sibuya, meaning "We Will Return", I wrote my first, followed by another 5 that week. I write and sing about connecting with self and nature, may you enjoy them.

Colorful grasshopper in Western Australia

I started photographing when I bought my first camera in Thailand, in May 2015. I remember the first snail I captured in that perfect light, and I was sold. A new passion was born. And now, 6 years down the line, I expanded my experience with portrait, business and event photography.

Anouk Guided and Personal Meditations with Soul Expression

To me, our mind decides the way we see and perceive life. When we consciously focus on being loving and accepting to ourselves, we will see that the world around us will change too.  In all my meditations, I focus on positivity and raising our vibration.


After 1,5 years of having the privilege of being the only one in the world with a pair like those, but many curious questions... I started in May '22 to full-time research and creating handcrafted grounding footwear - Earth Sole was born.

Homeless smiling in Wetton, Cape Town


For me, film is a perfect together coming of what I find important in life: creativity and connection to that around me. I love bringing the truth and soul of that is front my camera, whether it is the poor or the rich, a leaf or an ant.  I hope you can see my passion through my work.

Hand made dreamcatcher at Learning Clan Hippie Community, Cape Town, South Africa

After years of traveling, I slowly but gradually got to know myself better and the way to inner peace and happiness. In these journals, I share together with other spiritual warriors about our view on life. Through this, I hope you will also feel more connected with self.



Louvain Burn Music and Arts Festival
Khoi khoi Kindy Farm  โ€ข  Empowerment Project in Hang Berg, Cape Town
Autumn Equinox Gatherinโ€™ Eden 2022 โ™ฅ A conscious festival in the Garden Route, South Africa
Summer Solstice Gatherinโ€™ Eden 2021 - Aftermovie on Fire
Bevans Forest Sculptures
Summer Solstice Gatherinโ€™ Eden 2021 - Daylight Aftermovie
The story of Seed 2 Fire
Summer Camp Festival

• Kind words •


"Shooting with Anouk was an absolutely amazing experience. Anouk's presence and energy made me feel very comfortable in my skin and the result came out amazing"

- Ineke -

"I just participated in your first Live meditation and wanted to thank you for the energy and inspiration you have given me! I have been following your chakra meditations for the past few days and weeks and have also found them to be very valuable"

- Jan -

sarahunedited (3).jpg

"Anouk really held the space and allowed me to feel beautiful and present during the whole experience. I love how the images came out. Highly recommended if you are wanting to capture a beautiful moment with yourself and express your soul in this way

- Sarah -

We have been in touch for mentoring for a few months. Anouk helped me to have more purpose in life and more overview and peace. She is very calm and has lots of good ideas. I feel so much better now!

- Sabine -