Second Skin Sandals

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For a happy heart and sole

If I could, I would not wear shoes at all. I have people asking me in the past "Do you even have shoes?" One of the reasons I like to be barefoot, is so I can feel the ground. The other reason, is because it is healthy for your body to release negative energy to mother nature, and revitalize with her healing energy. There is a super interesting documentary about this, which is Kiss the Ground, with scientifically proof. Go check it out!


Though, in some places in life, it is better to wear shoes. On the hot pavements in the city, and in my case, also when I was working with street people. I simply felt it was more respectful working with them whilst actually wearing shoes.


Not wanting to wear my usual shoes with rubber soles (they stop your energetic connection to the ground), I decided to create my own shoes that would have leather soles, in the hope to ground better and let the energy flow. I had found out that I could get leather off-cuts in a shop in town. Fortunately as, in this way, I actually didn't use any extra leather but re-used their extra pieces. Win-win! This felt still in line with my moral ideas, as I am trying to limit the use of animal products where I can. 

Not intending to commercialize my shoes, but being frequently asked "Where did you get these shoes from?", I realized more people liked the design, the idea of connecting with the ground underneath and the feeling of the second skin around the feet. This is when Anansi Footwear was born.

I'm still exploring the process of making shoes for other feet than my own, so at this moment, there is a short waiting list. G
et in touch to be added to this waiting list for your own custom sandals, or for other questions and inquiries. Click here to read more about prices & shipping fees.

Check out the photographs from the process down below.

With love

Anouk Anansi