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Shifting Meditations

During my travels, I came closer to myself through different meditation coursesyoga, spiritual teachers (Joe Dispenza & Eckard Tolle), theories (Law Of Attraction and Vibrations) and lots of self-study. This wisdom I intent to bring together in my meditations.

My meditations are available in Dutch or English. In most of my meditations I work with visualization, and in all of them with the Law Of Attraction. My focus is on raising your energy to come more in tune, and so attract the life you wish. Besides that you can purchase my meditations below, which would be of big support for me and would mean they are always available for you, you can also find most of my meditations on Insight Timer and Youtube. I will also mention new meditations in my newsletter, so don't forget to subscribe!

Personalized Meditation

Would you like me to make a personalized meditation especially for you, or maybe to give as an authentic and unforgettable gift to your best friend for her birthday, or to your mother who could use some help in these difficult times? I offer them! Click here to view the options.


1:1 Live Meditation Session

In a one-off session, we will look together at one challenging part of your life that you are dealing with right now. We will talk about this for 20 - 30 minutes, and after which I will guide a +- 20 minutes meditation for you. This meditation focuses on changing your energy so that you can better fulfill your desire in life. This powerful meditation will also be recorded so that you can listen to it again at a later time. Click here for more information.

I can also be booked as a Spiritual Mentor - to support you in finding and living from your authentic self ♥


Enjoy life... You are worth it!

Love, Anouk Anansi


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