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Spirit Songs

A life long of practice in school musicals, showers, on beaches and music jams. And then HOPPAKE, as the Dutch would say, 10 songs written and recorded in 5 months.

This started January '21 in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, when I went on a last-minute road trip, with two middle-aged men I didn't really know. I'll save you this story for another time.

We canoed on the Kariekariver and somewhere halfway I noticed a sign with the word "Sibuya" on it. This letter combination tickled my fancy. My travel buddies could tell me this meant we will return in Xhosa, one of South African's 11 national languages.

That day, my first song evah was written. Ironically not the song Sibuya - I honestly don't know what went 'wrong' in the pipeline - but the song Self Love was written in the canoe and iPhone-recorded from the jetty right away.

A few days later, back at my partner Tristan, I got the inspiration to write a few more songs that evening, and after this, here and there more appeared. On the beach... Whilst surfing, listening to a meditation or meeting someone with a tropical name. Inspiration lies in everything.

My pure soul songs are about connecting to self, nature and everything around me. My intention with each and every song, whilst mainly using positive words, is to uplift and empower. From here, we can bring our happiness back into the world.


Unfortunately, no songs to be listened to just yet, but hold on and your patience will be rewarded. Subscribe in the meanwhile to be sure not to miss a thing!

With love, Anouk Anansi


Self Love

My first song ever written. Recorded with my dear partner Tristan Nebe on guitar and at the time, no 'band name' or name of the song. This was actually the first time we played this song together, very casually at one of the beautiful rivers nearby. 

In time, better recordings and more songs! But I hope you enjoy this one for now... Let me know, I'm so keen to hear what you think!

With love,

Anouk Anansi

Self LoveAnouk Anansi
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This is a song that I have written, inspired on the name and story of an old client of mine, at U-Turn, where I volunteered back in South Africa. He had it in him to really make something of his life, after his struggles out on the streets, but seemed to not believe in himself enough...

One of the last times I saw him, I asked him what his name, Mangaliso meant in his language, Khosa and he said: miracles.

May you enjoy the song and that you can hear the empowering message I wish to share.

MiraclesAnouk Anansi
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Our first studio recording!

Middle of February and the time was there... We went to Ladismith, a cute little down in the Karoo Desert. Jo supported us through the journey - check out the process and vibes!

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