Born and raised in The Netherlands, I've been really blessed with the way I grew up. Little criminality around me, good education and insurance, always food on the table. But as we all know, so many people are way less lucky in their lives. Since 2017 I've been frequently volunteering for different NGOs and independent social projects, and each of them does its best to support the less fortunate.

Social Projects

Seed 2 Fire

Nov' 21 My partner and myself have been invited to join the trip with Seed 2 Fire, a traveling fire kitchen that promotes living close to mother nature through the exchange of natural medicine and seeds, but also by sharing wisdom and old stories. I joined the trip to capture their beautiful work, find here my Seed 2 Fire Videography.

at U-Turn

April' 21 Ragging is one of the activities U-Turn Homeless Ministries is offering to the street people of Cape Town. They motivate them to work in exchange of food and clothes - this is by giving them 3 vouchers per hour of light work. A great holistic project if you ask me!

Graduation at U-Turn

April' 21 U-Turn and their 'champions' (as they call their clients), have and will always have a special place in my heart. It is the NGO I've been active for from 2019 till 2021. This is a graduation day, where these proud guys have a new chapter closed, and are ready for the next.

The Net
Cape Town

June' 21 The Net s a daytime safe space for street people in and around Fish Hoek. Through collaboration with other NGOs and local communities, they provide resources to transition off the street. To promote them with their beautiful work, I made these photographs for them.


June' 18 These photographs are made at Attika's Warehouse, Lesvos, Greece. These clothes, underwear and shoes have been desperately needed by the thousands of refugees that arrived per dinghy crossing the sea from Turkey. Support Attika's amazing work here

Lifejacket Graveyard

April' 18 These photographs are actually quite shocking when I see them back, now 3 years later. This is the 'lifejacket graveyard' on Lesvos, Greece. Lifejackets from the thousands of refugees that have successfully crossed the sea from Turkey to Greece, in hope for a better life.