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Travel Blogs

You might know me or have read a little bit about me already:

I love to explore, do things differently and I get bored fast.

Don't use the Lonely Planet, but the advice of other travelers

I meet along the road. 


And now it's time to share my experiences with you!


Enjoy my stories, I hope you'll be inspired and make your

own dreams come true...

Anouk Anansi ♥

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A wild country of which landscape could change in minutes. From rocky to sand and from high mountains to long abandoned coastline <3


Probably the wildest country in the world, with her rough waters and dangerous animals.

This means: a lot to explore,! Explore the west with me


 I got blown away by this country: the pureness of the local people and the ancient land and temples will make me never forget Myanmar...

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South Africa is not just any other country. It is very multi-cultural, has got two different oceans and glorious mountains. Let's face some real adventure!

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All the African vibes you can get, together in one country: 

friendly people, colorful fabrics and wild animals. Read about the adventures I had in Uganda!


Favorite country for many, and I got to understand why:

you can be free as a fish on a motorbike and you can find mountains & sea!

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A wild country of which landscape changes in minutes. From rocky to sand and from high mountains to the long abandoned coastline.


Lovely lovely Indonesia! So much amazingness: everywhere you will find surf, sun and good food. Let me introduce you to one of my favorite countries.

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